Thursday, October 8, 2009

Juicing & The Hallelujah Diet

Not sure if you all have ever heard of the Hallelujah diet? Really its not a diet so much as a healthy eating plan. It is wildly fascinating! If you are interested you can read the book about it because I cant remember all the details since I have not eaten like this since we lived in Birmingham. In fact, Snubs is probably reading this and cringing b.c when I ate like this it was ALL .I.COULD.TALK.ABOUT. ( Julie Bray is laughing right now b.c she remembers this!)
The short version is this is a biblical plan about how modern day eating habits cause all of our problems, especially cancer. A big part of this plan is to do juicing.
Now, I'm not gonna lie... I'm not a health nut, and certainly not trying to live till I'm a hundred and twenty, but what I am is vain. Eating right, and especially juicing has lots of good side effects for the skin and hair as well as many other things. It's really so magical you are not gonna believe it until you try it, however there is plenty of research if you wanna google it!

Now below you see my Farmer's Market loot from yesterday. I was astounded at how much cheaper it is to buy at the Farmer's market as opposed to the grocery! (carrots from the turnip truck)

You see I have a really hard time eating several pieces of fruit or veggies a day, so this is like a lazy quick way to get it all over with in one drink! Great for all your parents with boo boos! Fran makes her own baby food so I think juicing is your next step gurl!
My parents gave me their JuiceMan II, ( thanks parents) and neither of them could remember how to work it that well when I called ... which led to a great learning experience.
This was carrot and apple Juice. Carrots are one of the best things to juice.I was really blown away at how well this machine works, and how DRY the pulp is that you get back.
This is the part my parents forgot to mention. Juice comes out one side ( duh) but the PULP comes out the OTHER side!
So the first go round I had no bucket to catch the stuff and splattered my kitchen in ground up carrots. I am sure Harvey LOVES that.
Here are some Juicing Recipes if any of you guys wanna give it go! Let me know if you already do this and what you think about it!


Kraxpelax said...
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Cory Holder said...

Looks like the Juice blog brings out the crazies! ;)

Sus said...

Oh my gawd-I SOOO remember you doing this! Holy jalapenos-go girl!

Julie Bray said...

heehee... i was laughing as I read it, then laughed out loud when you realized I would be.
Good luck! I might try some of it this time.

Mod Podge Amy said...

LOVE your juicing! I need to get into that. I need someone to first give me a juicer - the nice ones are expensive!

Love your blog. I come visit all the time!!

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