Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's OPI time with the Espana Collection!

I picked up my new Fall nail color yesterday! It's called " You Dont Know Jacques" which is actually a part of the France collection but I LOVE IT! It reminds me of the "Under My Trenchcoat" color from Sephora Junkie Blog. I think that color may only be sold at Sephora?
I love how the OPI site lets you try on Nail color and choose your nail length and complexion! Ha
Now how many of you would consider buying the suede or matte collection? I just can not get down with it but wondering if you guys can? It reminds me of back in the day when you color your nails with a marker or liquid paper ha.

And in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

and just so you know, you can order nail polish ( several brands) HERE for about half the price of Trade Secret, Sephora etc.


Cory Holder said...

You have inspired me to go get a pedicure...I am challenged in this arena!

Courtney said...

WOO thanks for the shout out! Lovin that color. And yes, Under my trench coat is only at Sephora.

AP said...

I'm slightly obsessed with OPI colors right now! I'm with you on not being able to get into the matte and suede. I've looked several times, but just can't pull the trigger!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see what this color looks like in person, so far, I want it! :)
I'm going tonight to check it out, I'll let you know!!

ml said...

I lurve OPI. I have the purple one, I think it is Parlevouz -OPI?

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