Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Decorations Are Up..... Sorta...

Very Exciting getting out the Halloween Holiday Boxes! Last year my momma got us a bunch of decor on sale after the fact and so it was brand new to us this year! Thanks Momma!

We put some fun lights out front, some cob webs which I am NOT GOOD AT, and a pumpkin flag! Still absolutely loving the remote control thingy I bought for out door lights last year! I highly recommend if anyone has outdoor holiday stuff like lights.
The mantle is covered in Black branches ( which I made from sticks at the brentwood house by spray painting them black!) more cobwebs, tombstones and my scary birds from the Dollar Store. It looks a little fuller in person. Hard to catch cob webs and lighting on camera.
The cubby is decorated with some old brass candlesticks I thrifted and spray painted glossy black. Again more cob webs here that are not showing up right!
Hall Bath

Dining room is incomplete! I have not found any inspiring images... feel free to email me some cool ideas or pics if you have any!


Stephanie said... weren't kidding when you said the Halloween decorations were up! I'm loving them! :) Ya'll did a great job and you have a sweet, sweet Momma.

Sandra said...

I've put out a few things, but you've just inspired me to go home and get creative. Yours looks great!

Courtney said...

the decor looks great!!

grizaham said...

You are a great decorator! Lets put out more lights!!

Cory Holder said...


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