Monday, October 5, 2009

Do You Wish Your Car Stereo Had An Ipod Adapter?

While riding back from Knoxville yesterday, I read Snub's handyman magazine from front to back. It was VERY interesting and in one article it explained how you could install your own ipod dock or adapter in your car, on your own! It will have to admit it seemed quite easy! You can go to one of the sites Neo Car Audio ( suggested by HMM) and watch a video of some chick installing one. The video is about 5 mins but she talks with a really cute British accent so its endurable!
The one pictured looks MUCH cooler though and I kinda want it! As soon as snubs reads this he will look over to me and say I only want it b.c it has an apple logo ( and he is right) ha! Not sure where to purchase this part.
Have any of you done this yet? Scotteo I know this is right up your alley! Maybe you should install and send us a you tuber video of the process!


Cory Holder said...

That is interesting...I'm afraid to mess w/ things like this in my car. Electricity is scary! :)

Scott Terry said...

that is totally up my alley! maybe for xmas.

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