Thursday, October 1, 2009

Clean Up Your Itunes with One CLick!

Now, I am sure none of you have EVER downloaded music from the Internet! Especially since its free illegal! But if you had, or if you just have never done any itunes organization then here is a great tip for you!
There is a new software called "TuneUP" that will do just that! Tune up your itunes and clean up the titles, album art etc. You can do 100 songs for FREE but after that you have to buy a subscription! If ONLY it would add lyrics too then this would be a gold mine!


Anonymous said...


Here is a free iTunes cleanup for MAC OS only that is rated better than subscription based "Tune-up"...

Here is a free one for Windows only...

- kevin

grizaham said...

organization is key!
i prefer the old fashion method!

r4 revolution for ds said...

Wow this the easy way to clean up itunes. Thank for sharing nice information with us.

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