Wednesday, October 21, 2009 : The Review

So my order came in! Took approximately 2 business days. I am very pleased with it!
Today, I went to (gasp) Wal-Mart with my packing slip and just compared prices to really see what the dealio was. Turns out Alice was CHEAPER than Wal-mart! How can this be you ask... Well.. as I looked closer Alice graciously gathered all online manufacturer coupons up for me and applied to my items. Without any coupons Alice and Wal-marts prices were dead on.
So to sum it up:
  • Price is the same or cheaper than local box stores
  • It saves a lot of time and work from driving to the stores
  • No more clipping coupons! Alice clips them for you.

The website in case you were wonderin', is beautiful and easy. Screen shot below of my personal "Shelves" so that I don't have to dig through gobs of items online each time, I went and added all of the things I regularly buy to my shelves. In case you didn't notice from my Illuminations post, I am very brand loyal.
So there you have it! No reason not to shop at Alice unless you need something right away! Great job Alice team! Now ..... still waiting on that iphone app!
** Shipping is always Free**


michellel said...

Ooh, I just ordered yesterday, and it says it shipped this morning. It did seem to be good deals. If it ships quickly, I'm a huge fan!

grizaham said...

How did i miss this ALICE box? did we get anything good to eat or just more RAMEN noodles.. heeheheheeheh

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