Saturday, October 31, 2009

Philly Day 2: Reading Market & Cheesesteaks!

After reading market we went to Wayne, PA to visit Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Cay & Conrad! Aunt Cay took me to one of the best TJMAXX stores ever! We had a great time shopping around and then had dinner and watched the Phillies game back at their house! Below is their bookstore in Wayne.
Uncle Ronnie & Erik:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pearl Jam At The Spectrum Nights 1 &2

**Photo courtesy of Delaware Online**
Pearl Jam is really rockin it up here! So far we have had a great time! You can read a full article with setlists HERE. The place where they are playing is called "The Spectrum" and is historical for hosting all the greats ( The dead, The Who, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Doors, Jimi Hendrix). Some guy told me that Pink Floyd wrote comfortably numb about playing there ! Anyway, the spectrum is being torn down and these are the last shows to be played here so pearl jam is really jammin!
And on a side note: I just realized that "Justin Bobby" on the Hills could be Veddar's love child. Picture below. Does anyone else notice the resemblance?

Dollar Store Center Piece!

I saw a really neat Dollar Store center piece on the Eddie Ross blog, which was WAY cooler than what I am about to show ya'll... but alas they were out of Skeleton heads at my store! So this is a more Thanksgiving inspired version.
Materials: $1 foam ring, $1 bag of leaves, $1 bag of pumpkins/gourds & a glue gun.

I covered it in leaves first which took all of 5 minutes!
then I added some pumpkins and put my candle in the center. Maybe it looked better without the pumpkins?hmmmm
Anyway be sure to check out the skeleton one at Eddie Ross blog

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Philadelphia Day 1: Southside

The majority of our first day in Philly has been dealing with my sickness. After 24 hours of the worst rash on earth, we finally looked for a doctor. Our 2 options were : Emergency room, wait 4 hours, pay $$$$ or call a doc to our hotel room, wait 45 mins. pay $$ and hope our insurance covers it. We went with option 2 and had a very interesting fellow come and give me 2 shots and some meds. Below is G rated picture of the rash ( which covers my entire body) and seems to be an allergic reaction to the cough syrup the doctor gave me for the faux swine flu cold I got the day before we left. This is also on my face and all over my scalp/ears so I look very sexy strollin the streets of Philadelphia today.

Then after the doc on to Southside. Lots of interesting shops. We had some lunch here.
Then snugs bamboozeled me into some historic tour thingy that was a total snooze. We also had to walk 3 miles to get there. I kind of wanted to rub my rash off on him after that walk.
Pretty scenery along the way though. I noticed almost everyone here has window boxes and they all decorate well for the season/holidays which is nice.

Direct TV Iphone App

I did a quick review of the Direct TV Iphone app a while back, but seems some new features have been added when I wasn't looking. This may be the 1st time I am actually excited to have Direct TV! Erikhead is gonna hate this one though, because now that I actually know how to program the DVR I will be clouding up his que with alot of non-football like shows! ha

Just search for a show or channel like you see below and click on the one you want
It will bring you to this screen allowing you to record that show or the whole series with just a click! Great for those times you are not home and wanna record something!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bring Your Towels Back to Life!

Recently when reading one of my favorite blogs, LifeHacker, I came across some really interesting cleaning tips. You can read those by clicking HERE. One that really caught my eye was about towels and how they can hold on to product build up making them less absorbant and smelly over time. Laundry is something I am VERY particular about and thought maybe I should try this because our towels have not been very fluffy or soft for a long time! So I tried it today and am very pleased! They are like new towels again, it even brought the colors back to life! If you do this make sure you wash all of them at once so they will all be the same color!
To Give it a try:
  • run them through the wash once with hot water and a cup of vinegar,
  • then again with hot water and a half-cup of baking soda
The dry as usual and you will be amazed!

Monday, October 26, 2009

How to Avoid the Swine Flu!

Just kiddin! Being the good American that I am, I went to the doc and
got tested for H1N1 today before boarding the plane tomorrow! Doc said
I have no flu just a mean virus! Blehk
Erik the ever supportive husband is protecting himself as you can see!
Nothing and no one stands between my bubs and his Eddie (veddar)!

Iphone App Review: iGift

iGift is a neat little app full of features! It is great for the avid tweeters & facebookers! It offers you several ways to dress up your status , like adding pics, youtubes or clipart. Several of you have really been enjoying Awesome keyboard for all the pics you can add to your texts, well this app gives you that same functionality for emails. twitters, and facebook ! Also neat way to send iphone birthday cards!When you press "Collection" you can choose from categories like these:
and a great Holiday section like this (under events):
Legal Jargon:
Full & Fair Disclosure: Si Vola the developer of this app sent me a promo code for my review. My opinions and reviews are not affected by this or any other swag. blah blah blah

Flea Market Finds!

I had to take a picture of this because it was so ....ironic... I can't picture a folk artist listening to that song whilst painting! It just seemed so out of place!

I did score some of these Tupperware Herb keepers from the tupperware lady for 50% off! I was super excited about that since I have been clipping my herb garden and placing them in plastic bags for the last few months!
This vintage hurricane lamp! I LOVE it! We have poor lighting on our back deck and i always use hurricane lamps with citronella oil when we cook out. This one has a small handle like a tea cup which is super cute! I call that glass "Nanny Glass" since my nanny had alot of it in her house, but my momma said it's actually "carnival glass"....
Vintage Christmas fabric which is actually curtains. Can you imagine changing your curtains out for each Holiday? That would be so fun but a little too much work for me! I will be re- purposing ( is that word?) this fabric. Stay tuned..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY Game Day Dishes

Today was a fantastic day at the Flea Market and I learned a new trick! You know those plastic dishes you get at wal-mart etc ? Well some very smart/mean lady (Matthew refers to as "Dotty Bowl Heifer") at the Flea Market was selling them with vinyl polka dot stickers all over them in game day colors for $16. I asked if she sold the stickers separately and you would have thought I asked for a kidney... for FREE. So after that experience I happened upon a sticker maker and asked him to make me a sheet of vinyl Titans color polka dots (for a Wal-mart plastic bowl I already owned) and he obliged!

Now that is a super easy and cheap way for some DIY game day serving gear. Stickers are dish washer safe! You can order some from etsy HERE
Happy Tailgating!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grizas Featured On the Before/After Blog!

Grizas Barcart before and afters were featured on the Better After Blog! If you have not seen this blog check it out! It contains little text and some fabulous pictures! Enjoy!
Thanks to Better/After for the shout out!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Evolution of Ecoli

I am a huge fan of the show CSI.. all of them! This week CSI Miami had a great episode about Ecoli. I have never really understood , or I guess given much thought to how it comes about and the dangers of it but CSI did a great job of demonstrating that. You can watch the episode online
by clicking HERE
It's called "Bad Seed". Did anyone else see this one? : The Review

So my order came in! Took approximately 2 business days. I am very pleased with it!
Today, I went to (gasp) Wal-Mart with my packing slip and just compared prices to really see what the dealio was. Turns out Alice was CHEAPER than Wal-mart! How can this be you ask... Well.. as I looked closer Alice graciously gathered all online manufacturer coupons up for me and applied to my items. Without any coupons Alice and Wal-marts prices were dead on.
So to sum it up:
  • Price is the same or cheaper than local box stores
  • It saves a lot of time and work from driving to the stores
  • No more clipping coupons! Alice clips them for you.

The website in case you were wonderin', is beautiful and easy. Screen shot below of my personal "Shelves" so that I don't have to dig through gobs of items online each time, I went and added all of the things I regularly buy to my shelves. In case you didn't notice from my Illuminations post, I am very brand loyal.
So there you have it! No reason not to shop at Alice unless you need something right away! Great job Alice team! Now ..... still waiting on that iphone app!
** Shipping is always Free**

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sometimes It's Just The Small Things...

I don't know if any of you guys ever shopped at the Candle Store called Illuminations? There was one at the Summit and one in the mall in ATL. These are my most favorite candles even though they were pretty $$ as candles go... I would always buy "Mulled Wine", "Nappa Valley Harvest", and "Cranberry Orange". Well early 2009 Illuminations was bought by Yankee Candle and phased out :( All the stores are shut down. You can see that at
What is really strange is why would Yankee buy them just to shut them down? To get rid of the competition? So weird and sad but anyways this story does have a happy ending!
While at TJMAXX heaven on earth, I discovered alot of Illuminations candles ! and to make it even more exciting they are about 1/4 of the original cost! So Juliel and I both have taken advantage of this fabulous discovery and maybe you will too!
I was SO happy last night to smell my fav candles again! Sometimes the smallest, most simple things can bring you the most pleasure!

Iphone App Review: I Am T-Pain

I saw this app in itunes and wondered how it was sitting at #1 for so long. I was not sure what it did, but one night ole Corybear was here and she had it and demonstrated and I will have to say , it's pretty fun! It basically turns whatever you say into that electronic T-Pain sound. Then I thought I should call in an App Review to the Today in Iphone Show.
Someone beat me to it though, and when listening to Episode 101 Rob mentions this YouTube from the Jimmy Kimmel show which had me laughing out loud. See below!

Halloween Apps for the Iphone

You can read a full review of these over at Macworld by clicking here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

If At Once You Don't Succeed...

Try Try Again....

I wanted to paint a pic of my doggle, but as you can see.. I need more practice. UGH

A Great Iphone App for the Babies!

Baby Center's "PhonyPhone" app makes your iphone baby proof so that they can push all the buttons they want without ever calling anyone or messing anything up!
You can read more about it HERE !
99 cents in the App Store .. ** thanks to Jennifer for the email on this one!**

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So I had a Job Interview Tonight....

I'm gonna start this story off with a little background. I.HATE.PUBLIC.SPEAKING. I've got a lot of flaws no doubt but this one is the biggest. It goes back to when I was in Kindergarten and wanted to be in the beauty pageant. My always-smarter-than- me Momma tried her best to talk me out of it, but I would not hear it. I've been head strong since the womb. That situation ended badly. I did something funny on stage and everyone laughed at me and I have had terrible stage fright since then. When I was like 8, my GA teacher at church tried to make me be in some play, and ignored my pleas of terror, and I quit GA's and honestly never liked her again.
So I have spent the better part of my life avoiding any situation that would require me to speak in a crowd or be on stage. Even walking across the stage to accept my diploma at high school graduation was a nightmare. I skipped that ceremony in college since it was actually an option. Notice that we ran away to get married, which did not require being in front of a crowd or making out in public !
Fast forward to this fall, when I was peer pressured by my friends to go to exercise classes. I never do those for all the previously mentioned reasons! Well Zumba, I will admit was fun... but I did look like Big bird out there on the dance floor, and conisdered running out of there after 5 minutes. Dancing, I can totally do. I thank Keisha for that. But in public, following an instructor... I was a disaster. The difference is, I had friends there, and Cory is like a personal cheerleader. She is always patting you on the back or whispering some sort of inspiration so during the class she was being fun and also giving me pep talks left and right. Wooty was also there, and she goes frequently and has a really tight booty so i just stared at that for inspiration to continue. I made it through the class and may actually go to another one.
Tonight however, was quite a different experience. Ya'll know my love and passion for all that is Apple. I have been trying so hard to figure out a job that I can get that is suited to my skills as well as something that I would enjoy and Apple seems like a perfect fit. I applied weeks ago but they always hire in swoops so last weekend when I got an email to a hiring event I was super stoked. It was for tonight, Sunday from 7-9pm. So many people showed up! Like 35 i think. Right when we walked in all the employees made a tunnel for us to walk through while they clapped and cheered... and that was the beginning of my profuse sweating and red face. The rapid heartbeat however, started when I had to stand up introduce myself, and talk about why I wanted to work there, and what my favorite Halloween costume is. I cant remember any of my Halloween costumes, although I am sure I had some? When it was my turn to talk, I almost fainted , was definitely sweating and I am not sure if all my sentences went together b.c I think I was stuttering? I told them my fav costume was when I was "the joker" from the Batman movie. My mom told me afterward that I was never "The Joker" so I guess I am even crazier than I thought. I just totally, in that moment of *complete freakout* let my imagination run wild and produce fake memories. ha
Things really escalated when we had to do a SKIT. Right when the guy said "skit" I thought.... "How quickly can I get out of here, and assuming that i bolt, How will I get out of the mall since all the doors are locked?" I could not figure out the answer to that in the 3 minutes we were limited to for this skit so I was part of a skit before I knew it. The challenge was to present something to the room, like a sales pitch, but it could not be about anything apple! Thankfully a lady in my group took charge, told us we were speaking about Orbitz gum and gave us all some parts.
The whole process threw me for a loop! It would be like applying for a job at McDonalds and them asking you to roll sushi during your interview. I was totally expecting to get in there, meet some people and talk about electronics, technology, computers and gadgets. I was prepared and excited to do that, but I did NONE of that! I was awkward, uncool, and a disaster. To make matters worse, everyone else who was there was totally cool, stylish, and witty. It was like the room was a rainbow and I was the color white. I don't know the last time I have been in a room with so many stylish dudes! Don't know if ya'll know this about Nashville, but people here have some serious style. Especially dudes! It is one of my favorite things about Nashville! So tonight, I basically took my self esteem, wadded it up like a paper towel and lit it on fire .......... and then stomped on it! I felt like a complete idiot walking out of there!
I'm a little sad that I was unable to convey my passion, knowledge or friendliness! I am very sad that I may never get one of those cool apple shirts! UGHHHH, but I will keep you all posted!



Kings of Leon at The Sommet Center in Nashville!

This weekend was full of fun! Alex came to visit us and go to see Kings of Leon Friday Night! Above is a video of them playing my fav song! We spent the rest weekend shopping all around Nashville!
Below are my 2 fav. purchases! A military inspired coat from Old Navy and a Riding Hat from Forever 21. I am in love with that hat and it will be perfect for our Philly trip!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Start your car or Unlock your car WITH YOUR IPHONE

Is this cool or what? I can think of MANY times in my life where I wished I could remotely start my car so that in the freezing weather I could just run and jump into my totally warm and already thawed out car! I love that that have made this an app now so that you can just add that to the list of functionality for the iphone. Functionality, however, does not come cheap! The Viper System is right at $500! Dang! Available Now at Best Buy!
Here are a list of features for smartstart:
  • Lock/arm
  • Unlock/disarm
  • Remote car starter
  • Trunk release
  • Panic or car finder
and the beauty of that is you can program multiple cars so when you and the spouse are somewhere and get locked out of the car, you are all good as long as you have your phone on you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surprise ! Griza Kitchen is Under Construction!

You all know how hard I have been working on our Dining Room, which was all part of the end game... some Kitchen changes. We are trying to tie in the dining, kitchen and living rooms with color scheme and open-ness. My lovely and talented neighbor, jGro made a beautiful design that has been the road map for this great adventure.
Below you see a before shot. We wanted a bar area so that we could serve food through it into the dining room, and also because we are short on countertop space. The table shown here does nothing BUT COLLECT CLUTTER. It never sits there longer than a few hours without junk piled on it! Goodbye old table.

These are my new friends Javier and Gabriel. They are excellent and clean up after themselves very well. I tried to play them my Cabo playlist full of spanish tunes but I don't think they were diggin it. Ralphie LOVED them and I think the feeling was mutual. They didnt know what to make of all my picture taking but were real patient! They also taught me how to use a nail gun! I have always wanted one of those things so when I was admiring theirs, they totally gave me a lesson!
Everyone was a little saddened when the sheetrock got cut out and this was discovered. Old school wood and concrete from the 1920's! Alot harder to remove than drywall!
And at the end of day one we have the cut out, and some trim work done!

Painted Ceilings: Part One

I first heard about painting ceilings from Cory, who hates her ceilings, and then I read about them HERE on the thrifty decor chick blog. Our first dive into painting ceilings will be in our bedroom where we recently experienced that AC leak. We must have part of the ceiling replaced to avoid the mold issue, which will require painting afterward. Any suggestions on color?
As of now we will do 1/4 the color of the walls so much lighter grey.
Sorry for the crappy pictures. I have not been in the blogging/coding/editing mode lately!

PS this is still my *favorite* room in the house. If only I could bring myself to paint the dresser and be done in here! dang!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beauty is Only Skin Deep...

A great video for us all to watch and get a nice reality check. One of the cooler things I have seen in a while!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Iphone App Reviews for Shopping

Below is the page I have dedicated to shopping apps.Two that I am loving and using frequently are below. Both are FREE.

Best Deal: Is a comparison chart that you would use when you buy things like detergent etc. I use it mostly when buying Perrier because it comes it 4 packs, 6 packs and liters and I want to see what the best deal is. This app gives me that info quickly!
This app is great for shopping sales. It allows you to put in the sale price and also the sales tax that way you get a bottom line number.
Both great apps for the upcoming shopping season!

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