Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yesterday Was Alot of THIS:

Priming.Priming. and MORE PRIMING. Seriously tired of it. I am using an oil based paint and primer for all the furniture b.c. that should prevent scratching and scrapes once it is finished. Today I am gonna start painting and hopefully be able to show you an after picture! Stay Tuned.
also I *would love* to hear what you guys think I should do to the 50's desk. I absolutely love it! I has a few options, so maybe I will take some pictures to show you.
I would like comments suggesting Desk color and Hardware color. I like the hardware that came on it so to save money and stuff I will just spray paint the old hardware. Part of me wants to paint it citron with a glossy white desk color. What do you guys think?


Courtney said...

Citron or white with silver hardware would be neat!

grizaham said...

Gotta give you props on all the painting you are doing........

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