Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wild Weekend: Fires and Leaks

Our weekend was jam packed FULL. I am exhausted! First I will say that I did get my computer back last week and IT IS FIXED! All it took was the right person (MS at the apple store is a genius indeed) and he saved my life getting me beloved computer back up and running! It was just some faulty hardware (like I tried to explain to the first 50 people who looked at it)..So I explained we did some birthday celebrating with Juliel this weekend. Saturday during the day I took Little Stevie school shopping which was a hoot! He is so grown now and tween-ish and just different! He wanted some "cool tshirts" and we were looking at band tshirts and he had no idea who Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Run DMC... etc was, and why would he? That is totally not his generation but we took to the car and pulled out the trust iphone and I let him listen to all of them and explained some of the history behind them, like Run DMC since he is a Beastie Boys fan. It was a good time. Sadly I have no pictures b.c he was not into being photographed!
Then Saturday night while getting ready for Julie's birthday party, a house in our neighborhood, 2 streets behind ours, caught on fire and it was CRAZY! See below:

And then last night, I went to bed early cause I was so tired from the weekend, and I woke up at midnight because I kept hearing this odd noise, and once I realized I was not dreaming it I popped up out of bed , alarmed and discovered that our ceiling was leaking, ALOT.
I was all " Erik! ERIK! Wake up the ceiling is leaking"
To which he replied " I have been wondering what that noise was for the last hour"
HOUR are you kidding me?
You didn't think it required investigation?..... Seriously?
ahhhhhhh MEN!

But after the discovery, and calling my parents at midnight, we realized that the drain of the upstairs AC was clogged and the drip pan was full and over flowing and it was quite a mess as you can see in the video below.

So, in case you didn't know ( I didn't) you are supposed to keep an eye on those things and check on them often and clear that drain out yearly. Your HVAC man can do it. Had I known that, this could have all been avoided because our pan was full of construction debris. No wonder it was clogged! Anyway Moral of the story is, I hope you all learn from our mistake.


The Skippers said...

That is such a man thing to sit there for an hour. At least your husband heard it. Phillip would have slept right through!

grizaham said...

That drip is not cool! ;-)

Cory Holder said...

That is a LOUD noise! I would have wet the bed if I had heard that for an hour! :)

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