Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TV Chatter: VMA's , Kayne's stunt & Whitney on Oprah

I hope you all watched the VMA's! They were great this year ( last year was pretty boring) although I will never understand why they get Russell Brandt to host. He drives me nuts.
If you didn't watch then I know you have heard about Kanye's latest stunt. Taylor handled herself so well, because I would have kicked him right off that stage in my fancy high heels, while making fun of his stupid hair cut.
He did apologize on Leno last night, which is all well and good, but he is always have to issue apologies so I would much rather he learn to think before he acts, because I am seriously still so sick of him.
Lady Gaga was VERY interesting, in her performance and outfit choices! What did you guys think?
and did anybody watch the Oprah interview with Whitney Houston? I was kind of disappointed. I didn't think any of that was super revealing or new news you know? Am I alone in that?
**nice kicks oprah**


The Skippers said...

I agree with all. 1) Kanye is an idiot and for some reason believes he has the right to do anything he wants. I hope this inicdent changes that. 2) Lady GaGa is weird. 3) I thought the Oprah interview was going to be much juicier. Crack is wack!

grizaham said...

Kanye was drinking Hennessey str8 from the bottle all night. First of all how did he get a giant liquor bottle into the VMAs??
OPRAH is a bad person.

Mississippi Candice said...

Kayne is a nut job! Remember him on the Katrina fundraiser? Mike Meyers prob sent poor Taylor flowers Monday. And Ole Whitney was BORING!!!

Cory Holder said...

I liked Katy Perry's statement on the Kanya/Taylor Swift event "It was like he was stomping a kitten"...Kanye needs to be boycotted. He is a bad person!
Whitney's song was pretty bland she sang on Oprah. I wonder if she still has the range she used to? She didn't hit her "big" notes...too much smoking!

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