Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today Was the Dining Room!

Today Bubs & I painted the dining room! It already looks SO much better. I have not done a thing to it since we moved in, because I had no vision. Grouthaus has provided the vision and our hands are all too willing! The furniture placement leaves a little desired... and we need some curtains and a rug for sure!
The Table setting and decor is from the faboosh @coryholder!

stay tuned! I have more in store!
Color is Porter Paints "Stonington". I also have found that it pays to buy the midgrade paint ( or the best if you wanna swing the $) bc it covers so much better!


Courtney said...

It really looks great!!

I actually had the mid-grade/inexpensive paint discussion with the paint guy at Lowe's. While Olympiad (less expensive) is supposed to be more environmentally friendly people end up using MORE overall than the mid-grade. So it negates the benefits. And now you can get primer mixed in to the mid grade and only do one coat! :)

Andrea said...

I really like the new paint colors. It's amazing what a difference even a small change can make. Reading your blog always motivates me to want to do things at my house. It takes me MONTHS just to pick out paint colors and then finding the time/energy to actually paint is a whole other thing....Nice work!

Andrea said...

I also just noticed that you're doing all of that painting with NO painters tape! I would end up with the biggest mess if I tried that!

grizaham said...

Money.. It really does look so different. Paint is great

On a side note, I think JGro should write it GroutHAUS.. That way it doesnt look like just one long foreign word..

Amy said...

I love it, seriously, and I can help with curtains...

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