Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painting Furniture... My Process

I promised a post on my painting process and colors... and here it is! Let it be said that I am NOT an expert.. this is just what works for me. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section and I will answer them there!

Having the right tools is essential! I use OIL BASED paint when painting furniture to avoid the stickiness and the scratching or peeling off that latex paint will sometimes do. I also prefer oil based paint because it allows you to skip the sanding step.
When painting with oil based paint you need mineral spirits, gloves and a mask. I also burn incense because I paint outside and that keeps the bugs away.I like using several cheap tools to cut back on how much cleaning I have to do in between coats, and because oil based paint gets real sticky/messy as you are working with it. Remember when painting furniture to use a low or no nap roller if you are going for a smooth texture. We had plenty of plastic cups from football games that I never knew would be useful but they were great to use for paint cups and mineral spirits when cleaning brushes. Mineral spirits will eat through a solo cup in about 2.5 secs.
So I start like this and just use a dust rag to wipe down the piece first and make sure it is clean.
Then I like to brush the paint on with a small brush ( I got those at Wal-Mart for $1 each) and use the brush to get in all the crevices etc then as that coat is drying I go back over it with a small roller, which gives a smooth finish and generally avoids any ridging.

After letting the chair sit outside for several hours I bring it inside to finish drying (b.c of the humidity ) and I wait the full 24 hours before ever doing a second coat, touch ups or re-attaching the seat cushion.

* Paint Color used on these chairs : Porter Paints "Tabu" ( 412-3) oil based semi gloss finish.*


Hallie Smith said...

Thanks for that!

Now, just to make you (re)reiterate: no primer, no topcoat? Wet glasses on the table okay?

Again, thank you!

Hallie Smith said...

Oh, and as you are a fan of spraypainting, why did you decide NOT to spraypaint the chairs?

LG said...

Yes Primer! No Topcoat.Oil based primer then Oil based or 2 coats of oil based paint ( no primer) on the chairs. I have tried both ways. Yes wet glasses are OK after that. I have had the table done for about 2 weeks now and not had any trouble with it. I LOVE spray paint but was using specific colors picked out to match my rug so I did not spray pain the chairs because of that. Spray painting is MUCH easier! MUCH!

Red Lipstick Style said...

I found your blog via Design Sponge. The timing just could not be better. I bought a large bookcase for my home office over the weekend for an incredible price (I never get a good price on ANYTHING!!). So finding out the hows and why for my exciting project this coming weekend is just wonderful. If I can, I'll use spray paint, but I'm also matching, so we shall see! thanks for this information, I'm printing it right now.

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