Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Move OVER Martha!

Move over Martha Stewart b/c my glitter pumpkins are better than yours! HA just kiddin, nobody beats Martha but I feel pretty happy with them!
I went to Michael's to buy some glitter glue, and realized I already had the kind she was selling so I bought some glitter trays since I had a 40% off coupon!
The dollar tree has lots of little pumpkins for $1 ( more on that later)

Then I brought out my glitter kit! Thanks again to my momma for sending me all these wonderful glitters!
Then I began. I did love having these glitter trays so I recommend buying some. I am one of those conservative with the materials kind of crafters so every spec of glitter than didn't stick to the pumpkin went right back into the glitter vial, which was much easier with trays.Afterward I just wiped my trays out and kept them for next time!
FYI : each pumpkin required about half of one small glitter vial.
and the finished product!! DANG those are purrty!
and then I took some old silver spray paint and painted those last 2 silver like I saw on another blog ( that i would LOVE to link to if I could remember which one it was)!
So crafting is like cooking, the more you do it, the cheaper each item is to make b.c you already have materials on hand!
I spent :
  • $5 on 5 pumpkins
  • $4.78 on the glitter trays
  • $0 on Glitter or spray paint since I already had
For those of you building your craft arsenal click HERE for a 40% off Michael's Coupon!
Also check THIS BLOG for more craft store coupons for AC MOORE, MICHAEL'S, or JOANNES
** I do not know the glitter colors I used b/c they were unmarked! **


Red Lipstick Style said...

I could actually do this project! Love it. I've printed your coupon and when I actually make them, I'll share them on my blog!

Cary said...

I do believe you will give good old Martha a run for her money!! They look fantastic Laura!

grizaham said...

You are becoming a crafting phenom! Keep it up!

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