Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mike Gordon @ Mercy Lounge!

Tuesday night Erik, Cory, Justin & I went to see Mike Gordon @ The Mercy Lounge. He is a lot cooler than I ever thought he was. I have NEVER seen him so close up in my life so I spent most of my time watching more than listening. I really loved his band and thought they were great.

The highlight of the evening was when he brought out a guest singer. Tara somebody.. I would love to know who she was because I loved her voice so much! It was very folkish! Anyway she covered one of my ALLTIME favorite songs Peggy O. See the Video Clip Below


Anonymous said...

oh I LEFT MY COMMENT ON THE WRONG THING BUT it is Tara Nevins I just googled it after I wrote that first comment!


grizaham said...

Mr. Gordon put on a great show! Cannot wait for some more PHISH shows though. ;-)

Cory Holder said...

Gordo!! Peggy O!!!

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