Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots & LOTS of Chair Painting....

This is a fully finished chair. Painted and the seat has been covered. Now to just finish the other SEVEN!

You can see I have done all but one.

Painting chairs is VERY time consuming and a little frustrating. I will post soon about all my tools and prep work because having the right tools can make a HUGE difference! It is raining here AGAIN so I wont be able to finish that last little chair! Drat!


Courtney said...

LOVE that fabric!

grizaham said...

great finds, great colors, great fabrics, great work!
that table and chair combo is soooo nice.

Josh and Beth said...

this looks great!!! loving the blue cabinet in the background too!!

The Skippers said...

Love it! The fabric is awesome.

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