Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Living Room Changes....

Vacation sure is fun, but there is nothing like a week of laying around to really motivate you to get busy when you get home! I have been SUPER busy since we got back. Yesterday I tackled something that has been bothering me for months: the living room wall color.
This color came on the card with the orange that we chose and for some reason, once it was on the wall, it looked pinkish. Almost institutional ... ugh.
My faboosh neighbor and head designer of GroutHaus Design picked out some new colors for me (which you will see later this week) but I went ahead with the living room.
Now that summer is over and our travels are almost over, it is time for me to go back to work so I need to hurry and do all of my house things now!
Below you can see the new color which is a tan with yellow undertone compared to the old tan with the pink undertone... ( try not to mind the mess as I had to move everything around to paint)

Finished pic
It looks 100% better! I am very happy with it!
Then Corybears came over and helped me do sooooo many things! One of which was to take down the ledge shelf and start my 547th collage (ha) of posters! We are not done yet, as some we have not had framed. Once they are framed we will change some things out but you get the general idea.
One of the lessons of turning 30 is I have finally accepted that I will never out grow some things. Music, being one of those and I would rather have bright, pretty posters of a fun time I had than random prints I buy at BBB ( or wherever) and the bubs enjoys them as well so that is a big plus.
More pictures to come later. I am so EXHAUSTED tonight that I cant even compute ( which means I am really seriously tired cause ya'll know I love the computer!)


Courtney said...

I like it alot! Especially the posters...

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with the posters! Everything looks great! Now I just need to journey to Nashville and see it in person!

Sus said...

Looks beautiful LG-is this not the 899th time you've painted that room? Gah, you are persistent. Your niecey would like to see you soon-when you are ready for a vacay/road trip, call me-I go back to work on 10-29, so maybe you can come before then for a day or two-by yourself or with Uncle Erik face. Love ya!

jenn said...

Looks so great! Will you come to my house!?!?! I need some serious help! :)

Cory Holder said...

Glad to help! I love decorating...that's the fun part! Kudos to your drive for the perfect room color also...could you come paint our ceiling? Ha! :)

grizaham said...

I never really noticed how pink that color looked til we painted over it. Much better color and yes i AGREE, the posters & our music way of life shall never change.

War Eags

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