Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Fall Already!!

In case my closet doesn't give me away, I LOVE holiday decorations! (Christmas has it's own closet)

And I am soooooo ready to break these out! Pictures to come later!

And while in Mexico I made it a point to go to a party shop and buy some cute stuff for Cinco De Mayo ( Tablecloth, flags, center piece) since I usually have a party for that each year! Do you love my cute senorita?


Courtney said...

We are two organizing peas in a pod. My closet looks similar (and yes, Christmas has it's own LARGE area!). Like the Cinco de Mayo decorations!!

Alex said...

LG, I LOVE how the boxes match the color of the holiday! After seeing this, no doubt do I want you to help me organize my house one day!!

Cory Holder said...

Halloween is coming!!! Yay!

grizaham said...

When we left for mexico it was 100 degrees. When we came home it was 82.. Fall weather is sooo cool. Only bummer is now its dark when i wake up and dark when i get home (for work)

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