Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvey must DIE!

The Grizas have a house guest, one that was NEVER invited and one that refuses to leave...and thus must die. His name is Harvey and he looks like this:

It all started late one night when I was in the Living room but didn't have my glasses on, and I thought I saw a mouse... but the fan was on and it could have been blowing a dust bunny or something and the dogs reacted to it but, like they were scared, and since Yorkies are bred to chase mice , I assumed it definitely was not a mouse!
Well... then we come home from Mexico and I find some..... evidence of the invader but was still in denial till after the tailgate last Sunday. We left some hamburger buns in a bag on the kitchen counter and the next morning that bag had been gnawed through and the bread was munched on. UGH! NASTY! How dare he eat our food... that is an offense only tolerated by dogchildren in this family! So I put out some sticky traps..... no dice.
Last night I was sewing and using the kitchen counter as an ironing board, well upon entering the kitchen I discover Harvey, sitting pretty as you please on the KITCHEN COUNTER ...blehhhkkkk
I cant even describe to you the disgust and how he flattened himself out and slid down the crack between our counter tops and the kitchen wall. (reason #456 why we NEED a backsplash... no more cracks). I would have paid money for Snubs to have been the one that found him there. Once he saw a roach and launched himself across the room, on top of ME, slinging his iphone and mine to the floor... can you imagine what kind of reaction a mouse would bring? haha Alas he was at the hockey game and I was home alone! dang!
So, I screamed and the dogs came running in to see what the heck was wrong with momma. They did their best to comfort me but, there will be no relaxing until Harvey moves into his new home :

You see the sticky traps had not worked, the old fashioned kind leave the evidence out in plain sight and Snubs and I have been arguing all week about WHO will dispose of the thing once he is caught. I went to the Hardware store and the kind lady suggested these traps that keep the creature hidden, BUT, and this is a big BUT... they are live traps. You have to release them somewhere when you catch them. I promptly responded that was very , VERY sweet ( and East Nashville) of her ... but that was not gonna work for me. So thanks to those lovely Ortho Commercials we bought the hidden, but dead traps today. Stay tuned for the progress.


Andrea said...

We had mice in the attic of our first house, and Wade would take the mouse traps and put cheese or peanut butter on it really tight, so they would have to work hard to get if off (otherwise they take it and run before the trap can get it!). It definitely helps to entice them to the trap!

ml said...

EW! We had a mouse in our apartment. We found his evidence under the kitchen sink and on the countertops. The sticky traps worked for us though... within like 5 minutes! It was sad though because once he was stuck to the sticky trap you couldn't get him off to let him go... sadness. That is the only thing that would be good about having a cat!

Cory Holder said...

Poor little mouse...he just wants some hamburger buns!! ;)

AndreaLeigh said...

i did these last fall and you really need the martha glitter to get the results. they are beautiful! post some pics when you are done.

i'm so impressed with all your redo projects lately. i need your help with the nursery!

seriously - i need help picking out some fabric. :)

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