Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Those Who Like Their Names on Stuff!

How much do you like monograms? It is so funny because either you LOVE them or HATE them, .. so it seems anyway! I like monograms a lot ( way too much) and I like our last name to be on everything. Not sure if that is because of my label obsession or because it prevents a lot of loss when we tailgate, have dinner parties etc.One of these days I will get our tailgate chairs monogrammed, or maybe one of these days I will own my own monogram machine!! I was pretty envious of M. Jordan's chairs last year at the AU Tailgate!
But until then, I thought I would share with you a few fun sites to get such things. Now if you have a booboo, then you need some of those labels to iron in your child's clothes before you loan them out. I say this because my mother smocked my brother and I clothes for years and loaned them to someone who used them and then SOLD THEM TO A CONSIGNMENT STORE, rather than returning them. WHO does that?
Anyway Iron on labels below from : Mabels Labels
The First image is of monogram stickers than you can order in so many fonts, colors, sizes and do just about anything with! That was from THIS SITE on etsy ( fellow southerner from GA)!

And what about these awesome things! Etch A Sketch labels for party cups. Perfect for tailgating!

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