Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Apple Event: New Itunes and Ipods!

In case you were unaware, there was an Apple event today! I was not watching in real time as I usually do, b.c I am still mad at Apple! But I did read all the notes afterward on Engadget. The new itunes is awesome because:
  • I have been DYING for a way to organize my apps on my phone on the computer.
  • sharing between family members is really helpful! no more passing the ole flash drive back and forth.
  • App Genius added
  • New video saving and Editing functions
  • New Ringtones!
  • Better organization methods

Also new ipods are out. A nano with video etc.. See below or read the full story HERE
So update your itunes software and get started!!


Cory Holder said...

Just in time for my new macbook and iphone, yay!!!! FINALLY!!!

grizaham said...

I really love updates!

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