Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Move OVER Martha!

Move over Martha Stewart b/c my glitter pumpkins are better than yours! HA just kiddin, nobody beats Martha but I feel pretty happy with them!
I went to Michael's to buy some glitter glue, and realized I already had the kind she was selling so I bought some glitter trays since I had a 40% off coupon!
The dollar tree has lots of little pumpkins for $1 ( more on that later)

Then I brought out my glitter kit! Thanks again to my momma for sending me all these wonderful glitters!
Then I began. I did love having these glitter trays so I recommend buying some. I am one of those conservative with the materials kind of crafters so every spec of glitter than didn't stick to the pumpkin went right back into the glitter vial, which was much easier with trays.Afterward I just wiped my trays out and kept them for next time!
FYI : each pumpkin required about half of one small glitter vial.
and the finished product!! DANG those are purrty!
and then I took some old silver spray paint and painted those last 2 silver like I saw on another blog ( that i would LOVE to link to if I could remember which one it was)!
So crafting is like cooking, the more you do it, the cheaper each item is to make b.c you already have materials on hand!
I spent :
  • $5 on 5 pumpkins
  • $4.78 on the glitter trays
  • $0 on Glitter or spray paint since I already had
For those of you building your craft arsenal click HERE for a 40% off Michael's Coupon!
Also check THIS BLOG for more craft store coupons for AC MOORE, MICHAEL'S, or JOANNES
** I do not know the glitter colors I used b/c they were unmarked! **

If You Like to Read, You'll Love This!

I recently stumbled upon Good Reads when I saw it on someone's facebook profile and thought " Oh! How neat!". I am trying to read more, and having a lot of recommendations saved online makes it so much easier! You can see what your friends have read, what they are currently reading and how they felt about those books. Also you can see strangers reviews. It's a great way to keep track of all that you have read!
They also make easily transferable badges for blogs, myspace, facebook etc. Look to the right margin toward the bottom to see mine!

Keep Your Laptop From Getting Stolen!

Or at least from staying stolen! New Software from Gadget Trak helps locate thieves who steal electronics. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works. It is available for Macs. PCs, and hand held electronics. I think it would be super satisfying to be able to find someone who robbed you and make sure they go to jail for a smidge.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Want Starbucks? There's An App For That!

Good news for all you Starbucks fans! Starbucks now has 2 new and FREE apps for the iphone to make your experience more enjoyable! The Starbucks Apps will:
  • Locate the nearest Starbucks for you
  • Show you menu items as well as Nutritional info. Great for WW.
  • A place to save all of your favorite drinks ( great for seasonal drinks!)
The other App is the Starbucks card, which is a scan-able app that allows you to add money to it like a gift card. Great those on a budget, b/c you add your coffee allowance and know when its gone or what you can get based on your card balance!
You can read more about these apps on the AppleBlog by clicking HERE

Fall Pumpkin Iphone Wallpaper

If you do not know how to change your Iphone's Wallpaper *cringe* You can click HERE for instructions!

My Momma is a Good Lady!

I told my mom a week or so ago about how I was dying to have some Martha Stewart Glitter to make glitter pumpkins with (like I saw HERE), but I didn't want to pay Martha Prices for the glitter. She found these Martha card kits on sale from $10 to $3 and each set has several bottles of different color glitters in them! I cant wait to put them to good use.
You see bargain shopping is not just a's hereditary!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvey must DIE!

The Grizas have a house guest, one that was NEVER invited and one that refuses to leave...and thus must die. His name is Harvey and he looks like this:

It all started late one night when I was in the Living room but didn't have my glasses on, and I thought I saw a mouse... but the fan was on and it could have been blowing a dust bunny or something and the dogs reacted to it but, like they were scared, and since Yorkies are bred to chase mice , I assumed it definitely was not a mouse!
Well... then we come home from Mexico and I find some..... evidence of the invader but was still in denial till after the tailgate last Sunday. We left some hamburger buns in a bag on the kitchen counter and the next morning that bag had been gnawed through and the bread was munched on. UGH! NASTY! How dare he eat our food... that is an offense only tolerated by dogchildren in this family! So I put out some sticky traps..... no dice.
Last night I was sewing and using the kitchen counter as an ironing board, well upon entering the kitchen I discover Harvey, sitting pretty as you please on the KITCHEN COUNTER ...blehhhkkkk
I cant even describe to you the disgust and how he flattened himself out and slid down the crack between our counter tops and the kitchen wall. (reason #456 why we NEED a backsplash... no more cracks). I would have paid money for Snubs to have been the one that found him there. Once he saw a roach and launched himself across the room, on top of ME, slinging his iphone and mine to the floor... can you imagine what kind of reaction a mouse would bring? haha Alas he was at the hockey game and I was home alone! dang!
So, I screamed and the dogs came running in to see what the heck was wrong with momma. They did their best to comfort me but, there will be no relaxing until Harvey moves into his new home :

You see the sticky traps had not worked, the old fashioned kind leave the evidence out in plain sight and Snubs and I have been arguing all week about WHO will dispose of the thing once he is caught. I went to the Hardware store and the kind lady suggested these traps that keep the creature hidden, BUT, and this is a big BUT... they are live traps. You have to release them somewhere when you catch them. I promptly responded that was very , VERY sweet ( and East Nashville) of her ... but that was not gonna work for me. So thanks to those lovely Ortho Commercials we bought the hidden, but dead traps today. Stay tuned for the progress.

Another Brilliant Invention: Tailgate Tent Weights!

All of you avid tailgaters know these are money! They are puck-like weights that you just slide around the legs of your tent and then no more hammering in stakes or worrying about the wind! You can buy them online for $60 here or go to Dicks Sporting Goods and purchase them for $30!
War Eagle THAT!

Iphone App Review: Occasions Birthday Reminders and More

Occasions is a great new app I learned about from PB! It digs through your contacts and even facebook people and will add all the birthdays and anniversaries into the app with push notification! Fabulous for people ( like me) with Goldfish brains!

Before and After: The Story of a Bar Cart

It all started with a Thrift Store trip.. smashed in between random things...

Then I took it home, took off the glass panels and spray painted the frame ( white gloss).
FYI - things with wheels can be sprayed with Silicone spray/WD40 to make them roll easier
Then my trusty helper and I began tracing the glass panels on poster board. We then cut out fabric to cover the poster board and mod podged it on. After they dried I sprayed with a gloss finisher spray.
The beauty behind this cart is that you can have interchangeable panels! With my love for Holidays I could have tons of different holiday inspired panels!
I think the darker one is much cuter!


** Fabrics used : Amy Butler "Daisy Chain" & unknown from JoAnne's Fabrics.
Paint Used - Rustoleum Spray Paint in White Glossy.***

Friday, September 25, 2009

Time to Pray!

I have several prayer requests for you guys and I will add a running list in the margin soon.
Please pray for my friend Stephanie Seales. You can see her caring bridge site here.
Also please pray for the following:
  • Susannah ( Pray that her gestational Diabetes goes away)
  • Matt & Scott who lost a precious dog child this week.
  • Beth's grandaddy
  • Cory's friend Angela who is battling cancer
Feel free to leave a comment with any additional pray requests!

"Is any one of you sick? He should call upon the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up." James 5:14-15

Thrifting Thursdays!

Shopping requires lots of money, and little skill, where as thrifting requires little money and lots of skill! I had a great time this week and got 2 treasures... however I was soooo paranoid the whole time after watching hoarders that I didn't get anything else! ha

This was a custom framed and double matted concert post for $2.99. The frame itself is like $80 so I totally snatched it up and have since replaced the Pat McGee poster with one of our own. Incidentally that Pat McGee poster is a Hatch print! Some guy saw me carrying this through the store and came chasing after me b/c he saw the 99 upside down and thought it was a 66 and was convinced I had a Dead Poster!

This is a low back swivel seat from the 70's that I will be painting and covering to use as my vanity stool! Just wait for the transformation!
Flea Market is this weekend! HOORAY!

Guess What Today IS!!??

Today is the Day the MMS FINALLY comes to the Iphone! You will need to download an itunes update and then update your phone this evening and all will be well ( according to AT&T).. The update will be released mid morning Pacific time. .
Read More about that here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Austin City Limits: Free Playlist Download in Itunes!

Austin City Limits has 16 free songs for you on iTunes:
  • BASSNECTAR – Art of Revolution
    DR. DOG – The Ark
  • K’NAAN – Wavin Flag
  • MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD – Flat Tires
  • MISHKA – 3rd Eye Vision
  • SARAH JAFFE – Ever Born Again
  • THE DEXATEENS – Granddaddy’s Mouth
  • THE DODOS – Fables
  • THE FELICE BROTHERS – Run Chicken Run
  • THE KNUX – Bang! Bang!
  • THE WALKMEN – On the Water
  • THIEVERY CORPORATION – Mandala (feat. Anoushka Shankar)
  • TODD SNIDER – Don’t Tempt Me

My Other New Favorite Show....

One thing I love about the Fall, is ALL THE NEW TV SHOWS!! The Grizas loves some TV !
Have any of you guys started watching GLEE yet? It is one of my new fav shows and totally worth the DVR space! It is Soooooo funny! Last night's was the best. Below is a teaser clip!
Comes on Wednesday Nights on Fox!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stealing An Idea From The Book of Bev....

Last year, I was carrying around paint samples on a key ring for our house, and fabric swatches in my purse, when my mom (smart lady) suggested this idea:
a 99cent photo album from dollar store or target etc... ( this one was ugly so I cut out pretty wrapping paper for the cover)

Then I added pages for every room with paint chips, and fabric swatches. This comes in super helpful when you are shopping for something in particular and trying to match your current color scheme! It is also small and light weight so easy to keep in your purse!
Living Room Page:

Mike Gordon @ Mercy Lounge!

Tuesday night Erik, Cory, Justin & I went to see Mike Gordon @ The Mercy Lounge. He is a lot cooler than I ever thought he was. I have NEVER seen him so close up in my life so I spent most of my time watching more than listening. I really loved his band and thought they were great.

The highlight of the evening was when he brought out a guest singer. Tara somebody.. I would love to know who she was because I loved her voice so much! It was very folkish! Anyway she covered one of my ALLTIME favorite songs Peggy O. See the Video Clip Below

Decorating for Fall

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, but I started on Sept 1 getting all of my fall decor out! I love Holiday decorations and Fall! Below are a few of my decorations. Cory did a fabulous job decorating our house with me!

This is Cory's table setting which I love!
And nothing says Fall like Bath & Body Works Fall Home fragrances! I am using "leaves" in our downstairs and "Spiced Pumpkin" in the upstairs!
Send me some links to ya'lls Fall decor pics!

Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Dirty!

Yesterday Bubs worked for hours digging up all of my beautiful lilies and separating the bulbs which have multiplied thousands of times! It was quite the job, especially since it has rained like 18 days in a row here in Nashville!

And then I got a text to bring the man a sprite and this is what I saw:
(Sprite with a side of dirt, with dirt sprinkles on top)
Still trying to figure out how I am gonna wash these b.c I cant imagine putting them in my washing machine full of dirt like this!

Gmail just got even better with Google Sync!

All Gmail users can get "push" now! Push basically means that your phone and your online information ( contacts, calendars, email) stay insync. What you do to one, the other automatically updates with. It is a great service!
Click here to read the details and get step by step instructions on setting this up on your phone.
There is a great article over at The Apple Blog you can read by clicking here!
PS. This also applies to other smart phones... not just the iphoners of the world!

Monday, September 21, 2009

OMG!! REALLY? You must watch "Hoarders"

What does this image bring to mind? Is it not just AWFUL? The Lewis' have turned us on to this show on A&E called "Hoarders" and I am telling you, you MUST watch it! The whole show focuses on going to different hoarders houses and trying to get them to purge their stuff. Mind blowing I tell ya! One lady hoards cats and they found over 71 cats in her house... 35 of which were dead and they just found rotting carcases. It's unbelievable that people live like that.
Have any of you ever watched it?

A Wild Weekend: Fires and Leaks

Our weekend was jam packed FULL. I am exhausted! First I will say that I did get my computer back last week and IT IS FIXED! All it took was the right person (MS at the apple store is a genius indeed) and he saved my life getting me beloved computer back up and running! It was just some faulty hardware (like I tried to explain to the first 50 people who looked at it)..So I explained we did some birthday celebrating with Juliel this weekend. Saturday during the day I took Little Stevie school shopping which was a hoot! He is so grown now and tween-ish and just different! He wanted some "cool tshirts" and we were looking at band tshirts and he had no idea who Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Run DMC... etc was, and why would he? That is totally not his generation but we took to the car and pulled out the trust iphone and I let him listen to all of them and explained some of the history behind them, like Run DMC since he is a Beastie Boys fan. It was a good time. Sadly I have no pictures b.c he was not into being photographed!
Then Saturday night while getting ready for Julie's birthday party, a house in our neighborhood, 2 streets behind ours, caught on fire and it was CRAZY! See below:

And then last night, I went to bed early cause I was so tired from the weekend, and I woke up at midnight because I kept hearing this odd noise, and once I realized I was not dreaming it I popped up out of bed , alarmed and discovered that our ceiling was leaking, ALOT.
I was all " Erik! ERIK! Wake up the ceiling is leaking"
To which he replied " I have been wondering what that noise was for the last hour"
HOUR are you kidding me?
You didn't think it required investigation?..... Seriously?
ahhhhhhh MEN!

But after the discovery, and calling my parents at midnight, we realized that the drain of the upstairs AC was clogged and the drip pan was full and over flowing and it was quite a mess as you can see in the video below.

So, in case you didn't know ( I didn't) you are supposed to keep an eye on those things and check on them often and clear that drain out yearly. Your HVAC man can do it. Had I known that, this could have all been avoided because our pan was full of construction debris. No wonder it was clogged! Anyway Moral of the story is, I hope you all learn from our mistake.

Happy 30th Birthday Juliel!

Today is my SIL, Juliel's birthday! We celebrated all weekend with a cookout on Friday, Dinner Party Saturday and Tailgate on Sunday! Below are some pics of her fabulous Dinner Party at Mirror, organized by one of her besties Jasmine. Jaz did a great job decorating the table didn't she!?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painting Furniture... My Process

I promised a post on my painting process and colors... and here it is! Let it be said that I am NOT an expert.. this is just what works for me. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section and I will answer them there!

Having the right tools is essential! I use OIL BASED paint when painting furniture to avoid the stickiness and the scratching or peeling off that latex paint will sometimes do. I also prefer oil based paint because it allows you to skip the sanding step.
When painting with oil based paint you need mineral spirits, gloves and a mask. I also burn incense because I paint outside and that keeps the bugs away.I like using several cheap tools to cut back on how much cleaning I have to do in between coats, and because oil based paint gets real sticky/messy as you are working with it. Remember when painting furniture to use a low or no nap roller if you are going for a smooth texture. We had plenty of plastic cups from football games that I never knew would be useful but they were great to use for paint cups and mineral spirits when cleaning brushes. Mineral spirits will eat through a solo cup in about 2.5 secs.
So I start like this and just use a dust rag to wipe down the piece first and make sure it is clean.
Then I like to brush the paint on with a small brush ( I got those at Wal-Mart for $1 each) and use the brush to get in all the crevices etc then as that coat is drying I go back over it with a small roller, which gives a smooth finish and generally avoids any ridging.

After letting the chair sit outside for several hours I bring it inside to finish drying (b.c of the humidity ) and I wait the full 24 hours before ever doing a second coat, touch ups or re-attaching the seat cushion.

* Paint Color used on these chairs : Porter Paints "Tabu" ( 412-3) oil based semi gloss finish.*

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