Monday, August 17, 2009

What's In Your Travel Bag?

As you all know, we have been doing some traveling! Every time we take a trip, we make notes on our phone of things we should have done differently! Dare I say we have almost perfected the art of traveling comfortably and easily ! Below are some of my must have items in the carry on. I recently learned the hard way that if you forgot your pencil for the crosswords, you can expect to pay $4 for one in the giftshop! (outrageous)

  1. Oxo Coffee Mug $10 - I cant talk about these enough. There is no better travel coffee mug because this will not spill in your purse or bag , its insulated, and better for the environment. TJMAXX also sells them for about $7, and that is where I buy mine. Even Erikface commented on how awesome they were recently, and that is saying something!
  2. Eye Mask - It is always good to have one on hand in case you need to sleep (in cars, tents, airplanes etc). I like the ones at Brookstone but that is personal preference.
  3. Noise Canceling Headphones - Bose (prices vary depending on model). These are not cheap, but they are worth EVERY penny! You can actually hear what you are listening to or watching no matter what is going on around you, drown out annoying noises, and they are very comfortable, and i think have a lifetime warranty.
  4. Ipod/Iphone
  5. Traveling Tissues & Medicines
  6. Eye Drops
  7. Hand Sanitizer
  8. Books/Magazines
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Extra Cell phone battery or charger
  11. Chapstick
  12. Pen/Pencil
  13. Light Jacket
  14. Comfy shoes (that are easy to take off in security line!)
These Privo! shoes are the absolute best. They sell tons of styles on Zappos (but ya'll know I got mine at TJMAXX half price)... what I would have given to have had these shoes on lots of our past trips. Anytime you go somewhere ( Italy) and you are walking tons, its a great idea to have arch support & Shock absorption. Tennis Shoes, however, are not always super cute with every outfit! Privos are like a crossbred flats and tennis shoes.

So what are you guys travel trips? Grizas will be going again soon and I am interested in any and all pointers! Sweet Seanybug will be house & doggle sitting for us (thank goodness!)b.c the dog children LURVE Uncle Sean! I bet they will have a very interesting week!


Cory Holder said...

When we have lots of plans on the trip I always make a folder and keep all of our travel documents in it. Also, I always bring sleeping pills because I can't sleep as it is...especially in a quiet hotel room!

Renee and Mike said...

I also always bring a little travel first aid kit. It fits right on my makeup bag and comes in handy if you need a band aid or other medication like for an allergy or upset tummy. We travel alot too we also always bring tums and nail clippers. Again small items that can really save you some frustration. Other must haves I carry around is a small sowing kit and tide to go.

Courtney said...

All good stuff! I usually have a book as well. I really like those shoes, I need to check them out at TJMaxx. I try to remember advil and a protein bar as well...just in case the food situation gets dire.

Where are y'all off to this time?

Andrea said...

I always have a travel sized hand lotion in my bag. I hate how dry my hands feel after using those harsh soaps in public restrooms! And snacks! You never know when you might end up stuck on the tarmac for hours!

Sarah Stanley said...

I always have a few safety pins and bobby pins in the zippered change part of my wallet. I am always pulling them out for either myself or friends. You never know when a strap may pop or the hair may become too much!

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