Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are in Cabo!

And having a great time! We brought our favorite pool guys some presents, and it seems that they loved this $1 book from Target more than what we brought them! ha I should have bought a few more! The weather is spectacular and we have made a few friends along the way! Tonight we are going downtown for dinner at Stoplight! We eat there every year!
Yesterday the spa guy came to the pool trying to drum up some business and I "negotiated" him down to 45% off regular price so all 5 of us went to the spa today and got massages for an hour. It was so pretty and fun down there. Erik has NEVER had a massage in his life before and I was more excited about him getting one than me. By the time we got our robes on and led down to our area ( for a couples massage) I was in FITS of laughter. You know the inappropriate kind? It is so quite and serene there and I was cackling like a hen. Erik in a robe was hilarious. He had it tied up as HIGH as he could right under his boobies and was a little thrown by the fact that you dont wear anything under your robe. I am telling you I COULD.NOT.STOP. LAUGHING. It was hysterical!
Matt y Scott I really wish you guys were here. It's so slow this year, I guess bc of the swine flu that we are getting some great deals! We should have done spa day last year! JJ & Mario say hi to you guys!
Updates tomorrow hopefully! My computer is, so sad to say, STILL BROKEN! rah


Amy said...

I hope you got pictures of Erik in that robe, those would be priceless! Have fun, and come back to us soon...we miss you already!

Mississippi Candice said...

I am SO jealous!! I feel like you guys were just there!! DANG! My sis is going on her honeymoon there in March, I am forwarding her your blog. You guys have a BLAST!!

auhays said...

I would get swine flu for an all-expense paid trip to Cabo. And I'm not lying!

grizaham said...

Massage good.
Facial Painful.

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