Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update on Susannah Jr.

Once Upon a Full Moon, Susannah went to a Mexican restaurant before reporting to the hospital and her water broke on the way out the door! That was at 8pm Monday night.
It is now 1pm Tuesday and we still have no baby! She has definitely had some contractions and pains and this whole thing has been a huge learning experience trauma for me!

That pink thing is supposed to be her "focal point" and it was not really all that comforting during the tense moments! We did manage to get her to laugh though! Emily and I stayed till about 2 am last night and came back this morning.

Now she is at 7cm, on the petosin and contractions are getting bigger and faster so hopefully that means we are hopefully about to bring this whole thing home. She said she feels the "transition" coming on.
If you know Sus, you know she has kept the whole floor and all her nurses in stitches, teaching them her lingo and carrying on (in between contractions) its crazy how she will go down in a fit of pain and then come right back and finish the story she was telling before the contraction.

I dont know why this has lines thru it? Sorry dudes!

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