Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Tickin'

The handsome poochie you see before you, lays draped around my neck like a scarf while I type this. He has had a very long day that started with him stealing a hot wing off Erik's plate last night. Erik chased him down in attempt to recover the hotwing and Ralphie swallowed it whole rather than forfeiting it entirely.
So at sunrise today when he started his vomiting and then later (stomach) issues... you can imagine that I was not too surprised! I was however, WORRIED! We had to take an emergency trip to Louie's where he got 4 shots in the rear, some pills and an xray. Still taking meds and really hoping that this all passes without anymore issues. Uncle Louie is a good dude who has saved the day more than once, heck more than 12 times with the griza pups! Thanks Uncle Louie!
So I learned something interesting while I was there today and thought I would pass it along.
#1 - I bought some BIOSPOT flea treatments at Petco and not only did they NOT WORK ( special thanks to the Brentwood neighbor that irresponsibly collects dogs and is populating the entire neighborhood with fleas. you're awesome!)
back to the point... BIOSPOT apparently has killed some pups and caused lots of problems... so DO NOT BUY IT.
#2 - You can not put Doggle Flea Medicine on the Kitty cats. It will kill them. Did you know that? I did not but I saw some sick kitties today who had been treated with dog flea medicine and so I thought I would do a little PSA.

Hoping all you guys pets are well!


Shay said...

Guy's dog ate half of a whole chicken once. Bones and all. About 3 lbs worth. It was fun cleaning up for the next week. He can open the fridge and eat whatever he wants. Obviously he's a smidge bigger than Ralphie.

Courtney said...

Yeah, dog flea meds are SERIOUSLY dangerous for cats. One that we bought said to keep the cat and dog separate for a couple hours after putting the stuff on the dog (I think it was Advantix, but not sure). So good PSA--NEVER switch flea meds!!

Andrea said...

Poor Ralphie! I hope he is feeling better today!

Cory Holder said...

Ralphie.....stay away from the Chicken Wings!! Stick with your kibble in your Juicy Couture dog bowl! :)

Amy said...

Like father like son though, Erik does love some chicken wings! And on the flea front, you have to use the big names...the other crap does not work.

Linzy said...

poor Ralphie.. hope he is better. This reminds me of when Jodie ate a whole bag of hershey's kisses and was pooping foil and flags for a week. :)

grizaham said...

I only had one wing on my plate and cause they were NASTY! That dog is soooo sneaky.. I will be more careful! ;-)

The Skippers said...

Sneaky little guy. I gave my pups the Hartz flea stuff from the grocery store. They said the same thing about that stuff. It also did not work at all. Lesson learned, just get it from the vet. I hope he feels better.

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