Monday, August 17, 2009

The Post I Never Thought I would Write....

Marshall Lewis... pull up a seat. You're gonna love this. As you guys may, or may not have figured out, - I have been battling major computer issues since May. MAHJAH.
I am no dummy. When I have issues with my computer I do my VERY best to resolve it myself before looking for help. The last thing I want to do is drive somewhere and leave my beloved computer for days, if not weeks, to be worked on. That would mean that Erikhead and I have to
SHARE a computer...
But when I accept that as my only avenue and the "Genius" brushes me off, or suggests I go online and follow some instructions I get kind of irritated.
A. I am a huge Apple fanboi, and spend a lot of money in there! Totally, loyally devoted, as is my whole family so When I talk, by goodness, I want someone to LISTEN.
B. This is a NEW computer, so yeah I am gonna freak out about it no working properly. Apple's ain't cheap! I just got this in December ( remember)?
C. I bought a big ole warranty on this thing, which should entitle me to SERVICE and help.

So that is where we started in May. Trying to get help, and getting the brush off. I suffered for a few weeks before going to a different place for help: Mac Authority. I normally love that place, quick service, no appointments necc, and very kind read: not condescending employees. My recent experience has not been so nice. I have taken it not once, twice but now today, I will likely be taking it for a 3rd time. Saturday, When I went to pick it up for the second time, and it was "fixed" none of my data had been backed up. So lets just touch on what that means for a moment: - No 3rd party software in place ( all my recipes in souschef) - No music or TV shows in my iTunes. My itunes library is like 50 or 60 gigs big PLUS organized with songs lyrics, album art and tedious playlists ( all my phone backups) - No Pictures. You know all those pictures that I loaded, tagged, geotagged.. since 2002? NOT HERE.

I'm pretty close to losing my mind. I have been dealing with this for months, spent countless hours on phone support, had my computer in the shop for WEEKS, and all of that for nothing! More than having a broken computer, I am so disappointed in my beloved apple for not correcting this issue when it first began. So Today I got to war with them, until someone gives me a new computer that is not broken. I think this one is just beyond help at this point and I don't have the energy to sink into it again and again.

On a side note, I would like to say YES, of coarse I back up , but when my computer started failing it would freeze up a lot making a complete backup impossible. All you guys out there who do not back up your computer, should REALLY think about that. Especially all you new parents. Can you imagine losing all your booboo's pictures? That kind of stuff is irreplaceable.
So save yourselves that heartache! I think I will now, start having TWO backups!


The Skippers said...

Yikes. Let the wrath of LG get em. They better send you a new computer! Thanks for reminding to back things up.I am bad about that.

Cory Holder said...

Give em' hell, give em' hell...stand up and yell! War Apple! :)

Courtney said...

That totally sucks. Give it to em...and I have a really good backup disk if you need to know the brand. Super awesome, and you can even time it to backup however often you want.

grizaham said...

If its got an ON switch, then it can break. Keep your head up babe, it'll all work out!
Think I'm going to go out and buy a Commodore 64 and an Atari... Those were the good ole days.. ;-)

Caro said...

Arrrgggghh!!! So sorry. If they only knew the support and advertising you have provided them and probably a lot of sales for that matter.

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