Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Must Have for any Iphone Family!

Do you know how many cords I carry around with me at any given time? ALOT and today I downsized!
Cruisin through my Beloved TJMAXX , I stumbled across these beauties. We REALLY could have used these in Seattle!
Both a Wall Charger & A Car Charger with double outlets ! Easier to travel with and fewer cords not to mention taking advantage of one outlet!
You can order online but they are cheaper at TJMAXX if that is an option for you! I think I have mentioned it before, but TJMAXX has an awesome gadget accessories section with great prices.


kevin kinley said...

Too many wires. Go wireless with Wildcharge...

grizaham said...

Woah! Those are MONEY! Good find

Scott Terry said...

we could use those!

The Skippers said...

Cool find! TJMaxx is the best. I could spend hours. We still don't have the iphone though. Stuck in 2004.

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