Monday, August 10, 2009


We made it to Seattle ok and have been having a blast. This is day 1 of us picking up our RV. Right when we got there , they were all " Sorry but your generator doesn't work" Rah to the Rah. Generators are 33% of the reason to get an RV! But they had no more and we took a VERY expensive cab ride to the RV place so we rented anyway and went on about the trip.
This is our rig and Erik and driving. He is a great driver of large vehicles! We went to some grocery stores afterward to stock up and I have to say their grocery stores out here are FAR superior to ours. Perfect example would be the Ramen Noodle section here has like 15 choices. My store has 2 ( chicken or beef!). ha
The inside of our moving apartment! The RV guy completely skipped the part where he was supposed to tell us that it EXPANDED an extra 4 ft. WE discovered that after 2 days! ha Then it was perfect.
And here is Erik in our bunk eating pizza. Our first night we spent in the RV in the Airport parking lot, basically tailgating because Cory & Chad's flights were delayed..canceled and they had TONS of drama getting here. So... we waited it out there hoping they could make it. In the end they had to rent a car and drive ( from the other side of WA) to the Gorge and meet us there.
After this trip, I totally, DEEPLY want an RV. Do you know how awesome that would be for all our travels and tailgates, especially with my dog childs!


grizaham said...

Having the RV instead of camping was a huge plus!
Gets so cool in WA so not having a generator wasn't a big deal! Good times

Courtney said...

HA! i love the pic of erikbears driving!

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