Monday, August 3, 2009

Grizas Iphone Button NOW AVAILABLE!!

As I said earlier, I am in Atlanta.. waiting on a baby to be born. Baby Edwards is in no rush to get here so I have had some free time that I have filled with computer productivity. Today, it is no exageration to say that I have spent half of this day trying to create a favicon for the blog homepage, as well as an iphone/ipod touch button. Quite the headache that was! Because it took so much research ( and quite a bit of help from Em's hubby) I will be posting instructions on this soon in case any of you want to make your own iphone button.

If you look at the top left of this picture you will see The Grizas Iphone App. To put one of these on your phone simply :
  • Go to in your Safari browser
  • when it pulls it up click on the + sign at the bottom
  • choose "add to homescreen"
  • and ouila! a Grizas Iphone App!


Julie Bray said...

is this anything new from when I "added to home screen" a couple months ago? (:
No really, when I did it for Dooce, she had a pre-made icon, when I did your's I centered in on "groovin with the Grizas" So do you know have a special pre-made icon?

Maggie May said...

IPhones are so awesome. Sigh. Good luck on the new nephew/niece!

Shay said...

Cool! So can you do that with any website?

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

need to know how to do this. i already have a favicon!

KellyFranks said...

Just added!! Lovers it! Perfect for when I'm so bored
waiting in offices...

Sarah said...

Laura Lu it says cannot find when itype it in? Help

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