Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Morning Hotlanta!

I made it to Atlanta yesterday and am staying with Emily & Kevin. Erik had to work so he was unable to join and I was sad to make that drive by myself. He is on doggledad control too and doing great. Below you see Emily's daughter, Kiki, is my blogging sidekick. .. When she will pay attention to me! Mostly she would rather eat fruit and watch dora or jump on and off of things! She is so cute and funny! Here she is watching a video of my nephew with me. I have recently discovered that ALL babies like to watch Videos of other babies.

She is obsessed with shoes! Mostly she wants to wear her pink crocs all the time! She even SLEEPS in them! Today, however was shiny red shoe day. She doesnt care much for me trying to put them on the right feet so we roll like this:

Susannah goes to the hospital at 6pm today to start some weird baby inducing situation. She explained it to me in great detail but it was still like Greek.
Stay Tuned!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Cute chick..
I think you had the same thought that the baby einstein mom had a few yeats ago.. babies and videos of babies made her bank! ;-)
Hope Sus has the baby and you get to see her!
Have fun!

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