Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emeline Sarah Edwards..Fashionably Late

Emeline Sarah Edwards
8/4/09 5:07 pm
21 inches long
8lbs 1 oz
LOTS of hair!
Susannah finally had the baby! (I keep forgetting to mention on here but Susannah is one of my besties from College....) she was in labor almost 20 hours before they decided to do a C section at yesterday afternoon. It was a long day, and for me very educational ! But I loved it and seeing everyone and being part of it all. This baby was super special b.c we have been waiting on her for a few years now, and crossing the finish line yesterday was pretty awesome.
I just got back to Nashville this afternoon and am gonna snuggle up my family tonight before leaving for Seattle tomorrow!


Amber said...

Look at those perfect lips! She's gorgeous!

tiny e said...

Hooray, another E in the world!!! :)

Linzy said...

just precious.. looks like Mama!

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