Friday, August 21, 2009

An App for All Iphoners!

I've mentioned on here several times about my favorite podcast EVER : (Rob) from Today in Iphone. Well, now there is an iphone app for the show! You can search for it in itunes by typing in "tii" ( long story about the app name but basically apple only allows themselves to use the word "iphone").
Anyway - A podcast is like talk radio and perfectly entertaining while commuting or making long road trips and its FREE.
I have been listening to this guy for a few years and from time to time he plays my voicemails on his show. It is hilarious to hear my country voice on there!
It is very educational and can save you lots of time and money by listening to all these iphoners from around the world talk about how they do things, apps they love etc.
For example, I heard one caller the other day say how his wife dropped her iphone in a cup of coffee and they put it in a bowl of rice with a napkin over it and the rice absorbed all the liquid from the phone and it was good as new! Have you ever heard such a thing? I bet not, which is why you should totally listen to his show and buy this app! $2 for a lifetime of knowledge is a great bargain!
Do any of you subscribe to this podcast already? I need some new apps so ya'll tell me what cool ones you have found lately!
Special shout out to KK for sending me the doggy first aid app! At the rate Ralphie is going I need it!

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