Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging is no beuno un ano!

I think I said that right? Harder to blog this year due to Internet
signal! Erik and I came over to the resort we got married at to enjoy
their free wifi and clurb music ! That is the last pic. The first one
is of the sunset at the sky pool!
We are all hAving fun and probably too much sun! I am proud to report
I have avoided my rash this year (so far)!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are in Cabo!

And having a great time! We brought our favorite pool guys some presents, and it seems that they loved this $1 book from Target more than what we brought them! ha I should have bought a few more! The weather is spectacular and we have made a few friends along the way! Tonight we are going downtown for dinner at Stoplight! We eat there every year!
Yesterday the spa guy came to the pool trying to drum up some business and I "negotiated" him down to 45% off regular price so all 5 of us went to the spa today and got massages for an hour. It was so pretty and fun down there. Erik has NEVER had a massage in his life before and I was more excited about him getting one than me. By the time we got our robes on and led down to our area ( for a couples massage) I was in FITS of laughter. You know the inappropriate kind? It is so quite and serene there and I was cackling like a hen. Erik in a robe was hilarious. He had it tied up as HIGH as he could right under his boobies and was a little thrown by the fact that you dont wear anything under your robe. I am telling you I COULD.NOT.STOP. LAUGHING. It was hysterical!
Matt y Scott I really wish you guys were here. It's so slow this year, I guess bc of the swine flu that we are getting some great deals! We should have done spa day last year! JJ & Mario say hi to you guys!
Updates tomorrow hopefully! My computer is, so sad to say, STILL BROKEN! rah

Friday, August 21, 2009

An App for All Iphoners!

I've mentioned on here several times about my favorite podcast EVER : (Rob) from Today in Iphone. Well, now there is an iphone app for the show! You can search for it in itunes by typing in "tii" ( long story about the app name but basically apple only allows themselves to use the word "iphone").
Anyway - A podcast is like talk radio and perfectly entertaining while commuting or making long road trips and its FREE.
I have been listening to this guy for a few years and from time to time he plays my voicemails on his show. It is hilarious to hear my country voice on there!
It is very educational and can save you lots of time and money by listening to all these iphoners from around the world talk about how they do things, apps they love etc.
For example, I heard one caller the other day say how his wife dropped her iphone in a cup of coffee and they put it in a bowl of rice with a napkin over it and the rice absorbed all the liquid from the phone and it was good as new! Have you ever heard such a thing? I bet not, which is why you should totally listen to his show and buy this app! $2 for a lifetime of knowledge is a great bargain!
Do any of you subscribe to this podcast already? I need some new apps so ya'll tell me what cool ones you have found lately!
Special shout out to KK for sending me the doggy first aid app! At the rate Ralphie is going I need it!

Another Free Music Download From Flossie!

Apparently, Flossie has taken to using our charge cards and subscribing to magazines. She always has been a sassy one! At least she has good taste :) SPIN.
And thanks to spin you can get 15 FREE downloads by going to

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Tickin'

The handsome poochie you see before you, lays draped around my neck like a scarf while I type this. He has had a very long day that started with him stealing a hot wing off Erik's plate last night. Erik chased him down in attempt to recover the hotwing and Ralphie swallowed it whole rather than forfeiting it entirely.
So at sunrise today when he started his vomiting and then later (stomach) issues... you can imagine that I was not too surprised! I was however, WORRIED! We had to take an emergency trip to Louie's where he got 4 shots in the rear, some pills and an xray. Still taking meds and really hoping that this all passes without anymore issues. Uncle Louie is a good dude who has saved the day more than once, heck more than 12 times with the griza pups! Thanks Uncle Louie!
So I learned something interesting while I was there today and thought I would pass it along.
#1 - I bought some BIOSPOT flea treatments at Petco and not only did they NOT WORK ( special thanks to the Brentwood neighbor that irresponsibly collects dogs and is populating the entire neighborhood with fleas. you're awesome!)
back to the point... BIOSPOT apparently has killed some pups and caused lots of problems... so DO NOT BUY IT.
#2 - You can not put Doggle Flea Medicine on the Kitty cats. It will kill them. Did you know that? I did not but I saw some sick kitties today who had been treated with dog flea medicine and so I thought I would do a little PSA.

Hoping all you guys pets are well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Itunes Deals & Steals

Itunes has a special deal right now that if you join their group on facebook you get a free playlist download ( see below) . I love these types of promos b.c. I would never hear or download these artist otherwise and sometimes I really like some of them! There is a girl on this list that sounds a lot like jewel who i enjoy.

Then I also noticed that the TV Show WEEDS is on sale in the app store right now for 99 cents an episode or discounted Season prices (like $11 a season) pretty sweet! This season of weeds has been hilarious!
another option is to subscribe to THIS GUYS BLOG who announces all itunes freebies. Great thing to add to the ole Google Reader!

Do You Like Coupons?

Coupons have made a comeback in this economy and getting them just got alot easier! P&G announced that you can go online, select the coupons you like and then add them to your favorite grocery store membership card. So that means no more clipping or printing them, they are automatically loaded to say your "Kroger Plus" card and will apply themselves once the card has been scanned.
Click HERE to sign up for that service and follow the instructions:
(thanks wooty for the tip!)

and to make that even COOLER, the Iphone App that I am always raving about on twitter and here called CARDSTAR is now FREE in the App store. Download that while you can! Then your Kroger plus card ( along with all other membership cards like the YMCA) will be on your phone and can scanned directly from your phone meaning less clutter, and you will always have it on your person.
Click here to get that app ( also coming to blackberry and android soon!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's In Your Travel Bag?

As you all know, we have been doing some traveling! Every time we take a trip, we make notes on our phone of things we should have done differently! Dare I say we have almost perfected the art of traveling comfortably and easily ! Below are some of my must have items in the carry on. I recently learned the hard way that if you forgot your pencil for the crosswords, you can expect to pay $4 for one in the giftshop! (outrageous)

  1. Oxo Coffee Mug $10 - I cant talk about these enough. There is no better travel coffee mug because this will not spill in your purse or bag , its insulated, and better for the environment. TJMAXX also sells them for about $7, and that is where I buy mine. Even Erikface commented on how awesome they were recently, and that is saying something!
  2. Eye Mask - It is always good to have one on hand in case you need to sleep (in cars, tents, airplanes etc). I like the ones at Brookstone but that is personal preference.
  3. Noise Canceling Headphones - Bose (prices vary depending on model). These are not cheap, but they are worth EVERY penny! You can actually hear what you are listening to or watching no matter what is going on around you, drown out annoying noises, and they are very comfortable, and i think have a lifetime warranty.
  4. Ipod/Iphone
  5. Traveling Tissues & Medicines
  6. Eye Drops
  7. Hand Sanitizer
  8. Books/Magazines
  9. Water Bottle
  10. Extra Cell phone battery or charger
  11. Chapstick
  12. Pen/Pencil
  13. Light Jacket
  14. Comfy shoes (that are easy to take off in security line!)
These Privo! shoes are the absolute best. They sell tons of styles on Zappos (but ya'll know I got mine at TJMAXX half price)... what I would have given to have had these shoes on lots of our past trips. Anytime you go somewhere ( Italy) and you are walking tons, its a great idea to have arch support & Shock absorption. Tennis Shoes, however, are not always super cute with every outfit! Privos are like a crossbred flats and tennis shoes.

So what are you guys travel trips? Grizas will be going again soon and I am interested in any and all pointers! Sweet Seanybug will be house & doggle sitting for us (thank goodness!)b.c the dog children LURVE Uncle Sean! I bet they will have a very interesting week!

Garden Fresh Quesadillas on the Fly!

Our Time in the Gorge taught me a few things, one of which is how to make yummy quick skillet type foods. Hippies in the lot always make the best food, and while waiting on my food ( which took forever due to his lack of viable brain cells) I studied all their recipes! We have been making different variations all week!
Caprice Quesadillas (please pronouce like Napoleon Dynomite. Its more fun that way)
  • tortillas
  • Shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • Tomatoes (chopped)
  • Fresh Basil ( chopped)
We have Basil and Tomatoes from our garden right now and this is an easy way to make sure they don't go to waste! Another bonus is that this generally take about 5 mins to make!

Another easy recipe, if you need something a little more substantial is to use a can of black beans, cheese, onions, lime juice, & jalapenos! Cheap & Easy just the way I like my cooking!

** Due to my technical difficulties, this pic is not of my quesadillas but from a recipe over at Mommy Cooks! Check out her fun and easy recipes!**

The Post I Never Thought I would Write....

Marshall Lewis... pull up a seat. You're gonna love this. As you guys may, or may not have figured out, - I have been battling major computer issues since May. MAHJAH.
I am no dummy. When I have issues with my computer I do my VERY best to resolve it myself before looking for help. The last thing I want to do is drive somewhere and leave my beloved computer for days, if not weeks, to be worked on. That would mean that Erikhead and I have to
SHARE a computer...
But when I accept that as my only avenue and the "Genius" brushes me off, or suggests I go online and follow some instructions I get kind of irritated.
A. I am a huge Apple fanboi, and spend a lot of money in there! Totally, loyally devoted, as is my whole family so When I talk, by goodness, I want someone to LISTEN.
B. This is a NEW computer, so yeah I am gonna freak out about it no working properly. Apple's ain't cheap! I just got this in December ( remember)?
C. I bought a big ole warranty on this thing, which should entitle me to SERVICE and help.

So that is where we started in May. Trying to get help, and getting the brush off. I suffered for a few weeks before going to a different place for help: Mac Authority. I normally love that place, quick service, no appointments necc, and very kind read: not condescending employees. My recent experience has not been so nice. I have taken it not once, twice but now today, I will likely be taking it for a 3rd time. Saturday, When I went to pick it up for the second time, and it was "fixed" none of my data had been backed up. So lets just touch on what that means for a moment: - No 3rd party software in place ( all my recipes in souschef) - No music or TV shows in my iTunes. My itunes library is like 50 or 60 gigs big PLUS organized with songs lyrics, album art and tedious playlists ( all my phone backups) - No Pictures. You know all those pictures that I loaded, tagged, geotagged.. since 2002? NOT HERE.

I'm pretty close to losing my mind. I have been dealing with this for months, spent countless hours on phone support, had my computer in the shop for WEEKS, and all of that for nothing! More than having a broken computer, I am so disappointed in my beloved apple for not correcting this issue when it first began. So Today I got to war with them, until someone gives me a new computer that is not broken. I think this one is just beyond help at this point and I don't have the energy to sink into it again and again.

On a side note, I would like to say YES, of coarse I back up , but when my computer started failing it would freeze up a lot making a complete backup impossible. All you guys out there who do not back up your computer, should REALLY think about that. Especially all you new parents. Can you imagine losing all your booboo's pictures? That kind of stuff is irreplaceable.
So save yourselves that heartache! I think I will now, start having TWO backups!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garden 2009: Update

The Okra plants are as tall as I am! We only have 2 which has been great but I think next year I would want 4. We ate some fresh okra the other night and it was so worth it!
I also learned to pick it while it is about 4 or so inches long because if you let it get 7 or 8 inches long it is too tough to eat! We wasted alot of good okra that way!
My tomatoes are struggling! I didn't thin them out like I should have AND i didnt stake them in time so they are all over the place. I have only had 3 ripe tomatoes this whole summer and that was this week! Hopefully all those green ones will ripen! Does anyone know if "Fried Green Tomatoes" are actually a special breed or just unripe tomatoes?
Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! They are taking OVER! Literally. They grow so fast and crazy but hopefully I will grown enough for all my Nashville friends ...
Does anyone know how long it takes for Pumpkins to grow?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of the Coolest Gift Shops EVER!

This store immediately caught my eye in the SeaTac Airport ! Cory and I spent quite a while in there because it is overwhelmingly full and very bright and sparkly ( keisha like!).. Unfortunately the website Does NOT do it justice! But CLICK HERE to browse some of their neat wares. The best sections were kids stuff and lighting. I really wanted to buy Wilbur some Furry Monster feet slippers in there!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Must Have for any Iphone Family!

Do you know how many cords I carry around with me at any given time? ALOT and today I downsized!
Cruisin through my Beloved TJMAXX , I stumbled across these beauties. We REALLY could have used these in Seattle!
Both a Wall Charger & A Car Charger with double outlets ! Easier to travel with and fewer cords not to mention taking advantage of one outlet!
You can order online but they are cheaper at TJMAXX if that is an option for you! I think I have mentioned it before, but TJMAXX has an awesome gadget accessories section with great prices.

Yummy Seattle Food Pieces

After a few nights of camping we were ready for some yummy food! We went to Elliot's Oyster House for some delish seafood. They had SOOO many types of oysters to choose from (like 30)!! They also have a progressive Happy Hour on Oysters so the earlier in the day you eat the cheaper it is!

Mine & Cory's Oysters

Then Wasabi Bistro for some great Sushi! I *heart* Bento Boxes! I had a breakfast one in Vegas.
This was the best Miso Soup I have ever had!

I Need Some New Books!

I am really trying to ween myself off of reading junky Gossip Mags and into reading things that are more, hmmm educational or just more uplifting. I am proud to say that I have taken Perez Hilton out of my Google Reader and OFF of Twitter. That took some work but he is on my last nerve and never says anything positive anymore so I did it! I'm done!
Now I have no idea what to read instead. My mom and Aunt recommended this book to me and raved about! Never, not ONCE, did either of them mention it has a sad part. I was on the plane coming home from Tampa Boo Hoo crying and blowing my nose on my shirt after 3 trips to the bathroom with Kleenex. Also, not until half way through it did I realize it was a true story! Anyway it's a great Christian read if you guys are looking for a new book.
Now, what should I read next? I have been reading "Secrets of a Shoe Addict" this week and it is very funny and easy! Sometimes you need that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pike's Farmers Market in Seattle, WA

Seattle has the coolest Farmers Market I have ever seen. Full of neat wares.

These were like 10 bucks and I really wanted one but couldnt figure out how to get it home!
Now THESE were delish! Tons of fresh seafood. We had dinner at an Oyster House one night that had 30 different types of oysters.

The most gorgeous flower bouquets ever, and they were cheap! Anywhere from $5-$15 for huge arrangements!

Gorge Scenery

The Gorge is amazing! Great Venue! The hike from our camper to the venue reminded me of the Italy cinque Terre Walk last summer. I have some great videos of phish playing that I will post Later.
Lots of pointy evergreen trees just like in Twilight! Erik and I may buy a "Forks" tshirt today! ha


We made it to Seattle ok and have been having a blast. This is day 1 of us picking up our RV. Right when we got there , they were all " Sorry but your generator doesn't work" Rah to the Rah. Generators are 33% of the reason to get an RV! But they had no more and we took a VERY expensive cab ride to the RV place so we rented anyway and went on about the trip.
This is our rig and Erik and driving. He is a great driver of large vehicles! We went to some grocery stores afterward to stock up and I have to say their grocery stores out here are FAR superior to ours. Perfect example would be the Ramen Noodle section here has like 15 choices. My store has 2 ( chicken or beef!). ha
The inside of our moving apartment! The RV guy completely skipped the part where he was supposed to tell us that it EXPANDED an extra 4 ft. WE discovered that after 2 days! ha Then it was perfect.
And here is Erik in our bunk eating pizza. Our first night we spent in the RV in the Airport parking lot, basically tailgating because Cory & Chad's flights were delayed..canceled and they had TONS of drama getting here. So... we waited it out there hoping they could make it. In the end they had to rent a car and drive ( from the other side of WA) to the Gorge and meet us there.
After this trip, I totally, DEEPLY want an RV. Do you know how awesome that would be for all our travels and tailgates, especially with my dog childs!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Sound of New Families

Itunes has a special section right now for new families and it is neat! Since I have been in babyland all week I thought this was an appropriate post, plus most of you guys reading have kids too! So apps, podcasts, and songs all for parents.

And then related but also different, I have been meaning to mention a cool resource for parents:
It's a guide at Christian parenting and has lots of neat info. You can chose whichever section applies to you or your child's age and subscribe to the email newsletter or RSS.

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