Monday, July 13, 2009

WHY are there FLIES in my GARDEN> Blehk

Seriously having some bug issues in my garden. I have so many flies everywhere it looks like a biblical plague. Does anyone know why they are there? I don't have any rotting items in the dirt presently....
It was really hard to capture them all on film... and I took a video but my narration sounds like a 5 yr old red neck so I couldn't bring myself to post. ha
Here is what my Broccoli looks like. Some nasty little worms have gone to town. Worms work quicker than anything I have ever seen!

And here are some bees doing what Bees should do.
and then my neighbors rose bush. I like to say it is a "shared" bush. It belongs to them and is in their yard but they are so sweet they let me pick any roses I want ( which is ALOT) so since they do that I water, feed and spray it etc. What can I do about this? I have sprayed many times this year already and something keeps coming back and eating all my leaves for breakfast.

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grizaham said...

Bugs to good.. Bugs do bad..

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