Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's Inspiration :Making Memories

Sometimes, We get questions, looks or judgements about our lifestyle...or our choice to remain young and have fun right now, even when that means eating Ramen Noodles 5 times a day. The truth to that all is everyone spends their money differently, and IMO to each his own...
But today my devotional is so RIGHT ON I have to share it...

July 10, 2009

Over the years, my pocket book has been stretched until it looks like a suitcase! Life is challenging with our world's economy, the cost of living, and the ever present bills that seem to crawl into our mailbox.

I have always believed in a comment made to me years ago that it was important to create memories and make that a priority with family. Empires fall, money fades, but we have our memories. That has been a foundational practice for me as I raised my kids. My purse may have been empty, but my heart was full. We created memories with adventures in the park, flying kites, walks along the beach, and campfires with my extended family. One such special memory was watching my kids bring their backpacks to my bed while I read and they did homework.

Sin in our world can create unpleasant and sad memories for us. Sometimes we cannot choose those and carry heavy scars because of that. One great thing is that we can create new positive memories ourselves. We have choices to heal, to move forward, and begin a new page in our scrapbook of memories.

I love watching my children open up our scrapbooks smiling and laughing, saying things such as "remember when...." I didn't have money for trips but what I had for them was TIME. Time creates memories. People climb corporate ladders in their workplace. How about climbing the corporate ladder as a parent? It takes time and creativity as we fill the pages of our scrapbook.

Solomon voiced these words in Ecclesiastes 5:18, "What is the best thing to do in the short life that God has given us? I think we should enjoy eating, drinking, and working hard. This is what God intends us to do." Our time on earth is limited, and each day gives us a great responsibility to do our job, to take care of our bodies, and enjoy life!

Memories don't have to be elaborate. They just need time. We have had our share of picnics and ants, bike rides, table games, baking in a total chaos, and new family traditions created.

Solomon continues to say, "It is better to enjoy what we have than to always want something else, because that makes no more sense than chasing the wind."

Summer holidays are coming up. Vacations need to be scheduled, kids activities need to be prepared to keep everyone's sanity and the scrap book of memories added to. What a great privilege to look back over the years and smile, though so needy financially and still have had the opportunity to choose positive memories with my kids despite the dollar value.

Make a list of memories you can create in the next days for your own scrapbook. Rejoice that despite the dollar value, there are so many memories that are at your fingertips. Be positive with your kids as you live out the importance of building memories.

Father God, thank you that you love making memories with us. You cherish listening to our hearts, You always have time for us, and You want us to enjoy the life we have here on planet Earth. Help us to discern positive memories that we can carry in the scrapbooks of our memories and thank You for those opportunities. Help us to remember that a dollar has just a dollar value and a memory is a lifetime! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Questions: What is keeping you from making memories with your family? What are your priorities in life? What is the most important thing you can do in the short life that God has given you?

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Julie said...

Don't even listen to other people's judgments and comments! Not everybody has to follow the same schedule and time frame in life and as long as you are happy it is all good! As we so painstakingly know, everything you have can be taken away in ONE SECOND so you just live each day to the fullest and enjoy it!

Plus it's not like you are living irresponsibly or anything and blowing all your money on things. You guys work hard and you save money and you are entitled to spend your money and more importantly, your time doing things that you love!

Linzy said...

right on...

grizaham said...

I like cash and i like memories.
Pearl Jam this October in Philadelphia for 3 shows is looking like a great future memory! ;)

auhays said...

Great post, LG!

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