Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So What IS Jailbreaking Anyway??

Today my brother called me. Yes, that's right! My ficto brother , picked up the phone, made it ring, then spoke words into it! I know! I was amazed as well. He was calling to ask me about jail breaking his iphone. He heard Rick and Bubba talking about it and was curious. Ironically, I just listened to a podcast of "Today in Iphone" and it was all about jailbreaking. Great episode. I highly recommend all of my iphone readers to subscribe to it! It's free and more informative than you can imagine. Great for road trips or entertainment while stuck in traffic.
So for the newbies...

Jailbreaking is kind of like hacking your phone with some software that allows you to have a second app store.. an uncontrolled one, where you can get to apps that apple restricts. The main reason I jailbroke was because it would allow me to have some unique ring and text noise options. The 7 or so it comes with are lame and everyone uses the same ones so it gets confusing.
Unlocking is hacking your phone to be able to use it on another network/carrier.

You can read HERE about how to do it if you are interested. Do so at your own risk. I will update soon after a few days of playing with it and tell you if it was worth it. Worst case scenario I can just reset and restore it back to exactly how it was before.


Chad G. said...

You are so shady, LG! Don't bring the feds to Greenwood! ;)

Scott Terry said...

Im thinking of jailbreaking too :)

grizaham said...

The iPhone is perfect! Jailbrake at your own risk! ;)

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