Monday, July 6, 2009

Reconstructed T-shirt Tunics!

The majority of this day has been spent, cleaning up remnants of the 4th party! But in addition to that I started a new project that was inspired by THIS GIRL.
She makes some super cool clothes on both Ebay & Etsy in her store called HellHound Vintage. Notice how she has taken a Vintage dead shirt and reconstructed it to actually look kind of hot? ( those jeans are helping a lot too) but anyway I spent all night thinking of how I could do this and then remembered, my sewing machine is broken.

So I went to Target to buy another one, because the part to fix mine cost 1/4 of its actual value, and it is 10 years old. While in there I find this thing here: The Easy Stitcher $25.
What a fantastic little idea and so far I have to say its amazing. Very easy to use, can work on batteries or power, weighs like A pound, so, soooooo much smaller than my old machine, and much fewer buttons. I have not had to change any thread or bobbins yet so that will be the true test.

And here are a few of my creations. Not near as good as hers. I am sure hers are also done very professionally, while mine, could have been sewn by Ralphie, but I really like them. Below is a Vintage Pearl Jam shirt. Probably needs to be taken in a little on the sides but not bad!

Tie Dye much more my style!

Erik is freaking out about me digging in his 4 BAJILLION t-shirts so I shall probably, maybe stop now.


grizaham said...

looking good babe.. i think you should charge 35 bucks per T. we gonna be rich! ;-)

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG!!! I need to do that! Those look great!! Can you give lessons?

Cary said...

The t-shirts are adorable and the model is pretty cute too!!

kristicpoltrack said...

wow, those shirts are awesome! you are so talented.

Amy said...

So this is where tonights shirt came from, it looked great on you!

Jennifer Justus said...

I love these!!! I have an old gray Jack Daniel's t-shirt that so needs your help!

KellyFranks said...

I have stared and thought and cannot think of how to do it...directions??!

Carrie said...

These are SO cute! You are so creative! :)

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