Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paper Mache Dog Clocks!

I saw these in a little boutique in Sarasota and thought they were so dang cute! Much cuter in person for sure. Good thing they didn't have a Yorkie one cause no tellin what they cost !
Mom I think you should make this the next art project at your house and put Richard on the Yorkie!


grizaham said...

A must have.. ;-)

Kay said...

OMG my daughter would love these, know the name of the boutique by chance? I'd love to contact them about maybe getting one or two or possibly three...lol. We are redoing her room in the standard teen pink and brown with a dog theme because she loves them, they'd look very cool on the wall over her bed :o)

Anonymous said...

Do a Google search for "Paper Mache Dog Clocks" and you'll get multiple web sites that sell this type of clock. Check out a few (or all)of the web sites until you find exactly what you want. Then look online for the best price using Google (enter the exact name of the clock and the artist's name) or a site like PriceGrabber.
I'd check Etsy and eBay, too.
That should help find what you want.

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