Sunday, July 12, 2009

Iphone Apps of the Week!

With twitter gaining ground, I will just link to a fantastic article over at MacWorld which reviews some of the many twitter apps for the iPhone. I use Tweetie and it seems to get the highest marks.
A few of my other recent Fav's are:
Yellow Pages (FREE) - I think I have talked about it before? It is a great way to find things around you like "closest Starbucks" etc and now they have a new feature of being able to tap the "+" and add all of that contact info directly to your address book.

Direct TV (FREE) has a great app that is similar to a TV Guide. I never know how many channels we have or what channel is what number. This app takes that away by giving me a full guide of what is on. It has multiple search options like just checking channels you actually get, or checking by date and time etc. It also gives you options of controlling your DVR from the phone. I really want to figure that out b/c that would be awesome!

Fandango (FREE) - You all probably know what Fandango is. The iPhone app is just an easy and convenient way to purchase movie tickets from your phone ! We could have really used this yesterday when we wen to see Transformers 2.


grizaham said...

I may have to check out those apps. Fandango looks like a winner!

Scott Terry said...

i need fandango!

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