Friday, July 31, 2009

If I had a BooBoo!

Now I don't have any booboos but I do have some nephews and plenty of babies in my life so that I now pay attention to stuff like the segment on GMA this morning. You can CLICK HERE to watch it if you would like. They showed some technology to help keep track of your childrens.

Mommy Im Here Alarm
$25 . Great little investment. Basically you have it on your child's shoelace and if they wander too far away from you, you can press that keychain remote and it sets off a noise for you to follow to find them. Great for department stores or in crowds. Comes in different colors and super affordable.

Brickhouse Swimming Alarm $200 - Is a way to alert you immediately if your kid or dog submerges in water. So if you have a swimming pool and your child falls in this will set off a monstrous alarm.

Amber Alert GPS Monitor $379 - This is the big dog ! It can do everything from tell you location, to the temperature of the room or car your kid is in, to the speed of the car they are riding in. You flip thru a quick slideshow on the website to show all the functions. It is really Supercool. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

LOCIME - IPhone app ( Free today) which i dont see that useful for children but definately great for adults trying to locate each other at Tailgates or concerts. Check it out and see what you think in the App Store.


Mississippi Candice said...

I watched that too!! LOVE GMA!!!

Mississippi Candice said...

I watched that too!! LOVE GMA!!!

grizaham said...

that alarm is pretty sweet.. lets put one on Floss cause she likes to escape..

Cary said...

I could have used that first alarm several times when Sus & Sarah were little! They always wandered off!!

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