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Granpa's Political Corner: Government Health Care

I have gotten some interesting emails lately concerning this whole Government Health care thing, and wasn't sure what to think about it all. I asked Granpa to speak on the blog about it and help me gain some insight.

Also Cousin Jennifer Graham made a very good point in her email when she asked " When is the last time you dealt with a government run office or business and it was pleasant?" and that made me laugh out loud b.c I don't even know if that is possible! Hello POST OFFICE?! ha No offense to the perfectly nice government employees that are sure to exist.....somewhere...
But just imagine that experience when you have to take your sick child to the doctor etc..

Anyway Granpa Speaks:

Hi Laura. You asked my thoughts about nationalization of medical care. Like so many things concerning the government the answer can be pretty complex. The following are my impressions.

The nationalization of medical care is a battle in the war to take away our freedom and replace it with government control of all aspects of our life. The loss of freedom is central to this war and everything revolves about this.

Probably before the ink was dry on the signing of the Constitution there were individuals thinking about ways to help those less wealthy than others.

Woodrow Wilson was clearly on the side of more government control in 1913. In 1913 Congress passed legislation creating the Federal Reserve to control the money supply, despite the fact that the Federal Reserve is not part of the government and answers to no one in the government. Later FDR created other programs and more government control. Congress also decided to help the "needy" with various housing programs, welfare programs, Medicare and Medicaid. Slowly but surely the government became involved in more and more programs by giving money for projects and then controlling those that took the "bait" (money). For the most part these projects were done in the name of providing help to the needy (Most of us did not notice the government control that came with the money.). Every time we gave the government a little control we lost that amount of freedom. Gradually the government has gotten us to accept the incremental shift of control to the government and that loss of freedom.

The government gets its money from taxation. By developing trade policies and taxation policies we managed to send considerable business entities out of the United States. President Bush managed to agree to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America which among other things would in effect remove our borders. We have an estimated 12 million to 30 million migrants who have invaded and occupied the nation, defying assimilation into American citizens as would happen with normal immigration patterns.

Because of actions of Congress we encountered a recession. President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson decided that a crisis was at hand and by scare tactics got an emergency stimulus bill enacted, more government control. A large insurance company and other "financial" firms were given government money, again government control is inserted.

During the last several years the insertion of government control has picked up speed. Then comes the election of a new President. Review for a moment the associations that this President had before he became involved with government. How about reverend Wright who preaches hatred for America and in particular white America, take professor Gates (Harvard law) and his belief that the black race suffers at the hands of whites, try W. Ayers who bombed us because we didn't do what he thought necessary. Then there is the President telling Joe the plumber that we need to better redistribute wealth so all will share.

One can overwhelm a system with many projects in a short period of time because they are presented as "crises" requiring immediate action. We have been presented multiple "crises" recently and "Congress" responds by passing legislation that has not even been read much less debated or understood. Perhaps part of that is due to the desire to be reelected and not with the effects of the legislation. We are now deeply in debt as a nation and yet we are urged to have the government spend more (your tax dollars at work). Do you think now is the time to put us on the hook for more debt?

The present "crisis" is medical care. The government wants to have legislation that will put the government in direct competition with companies providing health insurance. Taxes will be used by the government to compete with a company that must make a profit to survive and still pay taxes to the government. Seems kinda unfair to me. We are told of the "savings" that the government is going to realize by their control of the system. Before we rush into governmental control of medical care why not wait until the government institutes these changes and the resultant savings in Medicare and Medicaid and Veterans care. When the savings are duly reported we can all rejoice. Then we can consider and debate changes in our medical care system.

As noted previously I think this is a battle in the war that is being waged to take away our freedom, to make us subservient to the government instead of the government being subservient to the governed. We don't need to loose more freedom by letting the government "manage" medical insurance and care. I suppose you could conclude that I am against the government controlling medical care, as well as other business entities.



Courtney said...

I'm a big fan of your Grandpa. I won't get all preachy on this blog, but I'll just say I know what he's saying.

Cary said...

I am also a huge fan of your Granpa and I agree 200% with him! Anyone that is for the government controlled health care should look at what a wonderful job they do with the Veteran's care - WHICH THEY ALREADY CONTROL!!

Chad G. said...

This blazen assault on my Constitutional sensibilities is borderline offensive. The only sentence that made sense in that entire post was "Then comes the election of a new President." That's right - we have elections. You probably didn't vote for Obama, but a lot of people did and that's why he is where he is. Don't blame our friends on Capitol Hill for your woes; blame your neighbors that voted for them.

The real issue that you have, Granpa, is that the majority of people in this country are lazy, don't want to work a full time job and expect other people (and the government) to take care of them. That is why the government is now packed with socialists and socialist programs that perpetuate poverty and dependence. These socialists didn't come from Europe on three masted vessels. They came from next door to your house.

Show me someone that eats healthy, exercises, works 50-60 hours a week and has made every effort to educate themselves and live an honest life. I will show you someone that is on the path to wealth and success in America.

Don't complain to me that the government is taking over our freedom. Don't insult my Constitution. Go tell your neighbor to get off his ass, lose 20 pounds and get a job. Then we'll have enough people in this country fighting with their votes to get the tax-hungry socialist freaks out of office, and close our borders as well.

Linzy said...

If you are going to buy a new car, say a Honda accord, and you know someone who has owned 3 of them, you would go ask them advice about buying an accord right?

So maybe we should all talk to people who receive government run healthcare before we jump off the deep end and have a coronary (btw, hope you have insurance!!)

For instance, I have many friends and family members who receive government run healthcare benefits (Canada, Spain, Denmark) and they have no complaints!!

Just saying.. it would be a comfort to me to know that anyone in this country could walk into a hospital and get treatment and not have to stress about paying for it. Especially kids.. it just seems like the right thing to do. And if it costs me a few $$$ in taxes, I don't mind paying. :)

grizaham said...

Hmmm. Tough one. I work in a hospital and the only people who have trouble paying are Americans. All the illegals (about 25% of the pts I c) get the treatment! Five star service with no bill.

How far can taxes continue to go up? Would govt health care make me give more in taxes to pay for illegals & half ton super lazy blob wasteoids?? I eat healthy & workout & work a little too.

Geez I hate taxes. And i strongly dislike the govt but they are good.

Nature will take care of all this with a super flu virus around 2050 though. Population 10 billion to 2 billion in 6 months. Then people will really start to be scared & realize how good they had it. Where will Obama be then?

Kyle said...

The thing that I don't like is the fact that Obama was trying with all his might to hurry this healthcare bill through. He knew that when people started looking into what was really in the bill (which he hasn't completely read so why would you be in such a rush to get it passed)they would start asking questions. I would compare it to a dishonest used car salesman. You find a car that you like, but once you start studying it closer, he will do anything to try and get you to buy the car, even though it is a peice. If our beloved president honestly wants what is best for the American people, why would he want to try and push something that he himself knows nothing about? Oh he just can't wait to be king!

Chad G. said...

Agreed. The government needs to stay out of everything except for interstate infrastructure, monetary policy and providing for the common defense. Everything else needs to be left up to the states.

We seem to have forgotten the circumstances under which the Constitution was written. We don't want to be like Europe!

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