Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friends & Babies!

I have had some questions about Nicole and Susannah's baby status so here is an update!
Nicole had her son on May 27th. His name is Jackson Cristopher Masters and he has a head FULL of hair ! Here he is below showing off his muscles :

Susannah's due date is Aug. 2nd but I think she is ready NOW ! She will be having a little girl and I don't think I am allowed to divulge the name yet... pics to come soon! Pray for her peace of mind b.c I think the birthing classes have scared her!

Emily is expecting another baby! She is due around Jan. (i think) Same for Bro & Shauna. ( By Bro I mean Erik's bro, Steven). They are expecting a baby on Jan 1st. They will find out the sex July 24th.

Hooray for all you Baby Mommas!


Shay said...

babies everywhere!! and that is a cute baby pics!!!!! he is too freaking cute.

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD, JACKSON IS GORGEOUS! I havent seen pics of him since he birth! He is so freakin cute! We shall be having the love child before Aug 2nd, so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

My little Sweet Pea! I havent even seen this pic! have you met him yet?

grizaham said...

It is the year of the baby!

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