Saturday, July 25, 2009

Framing Friday!

I love this odd group style framing. I had some better pictures of this on my computer but cant share since it's in the shop. I am gonna attempt a similar idea with our concert posters and records in the wall behind our sofa. For whatever reason our living room still wrecks me. I LOVE a few of the rooms in this house and then a few , are still on their way. Its a shame our MAIN room cant be on the love list.
Anyway... it will be one day soon. Starting with PAINT. and this collage below.

So slowly ( as the fundage allows) I am framing some of our music stuff. This is a PEOPLE Magazine tribute to Jerry from when he died. I bought it at The World's Largest Yardsale for 25 cents and have managed to hang on it it for about 7 years or so.. which is a feat on it's own. Then we took it to Joanne's when everything was half off in the framing dept and had it matted and framed for $7.00 which was spectacular. Since it is a magazine and smaller than a poster it will add some interesting and smaller shape to the collage. I will have a few framed records there as well.

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grizaham said...

Love me some frames.

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