Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flea Market Herb Garden

Remember the Iron flower basket I got at the flea market? Well i spray painted it a brushed nickel with rust proof paint. After it's paint job Erik and I lined it with that moss stuff and filled it with dirt and herb plants!
Both bottom shelves will be holding planter boxes with more herbs soon. One of the shelves is under repair right now with some liquid nailz. :)

Most of the time they live outside on the back deck but it is real rainy and stormy this week so they have come indoors.


Cary said...

Wow! That's way cool Laura!

Amy said...

Love the cart, SO glad you went back and got it! I need to take some pictures of my new table and send them too. I heart the flea.

grizaham said...

The cart rules!


Love this! Way to go. RPK

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