Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doggle Drama = Family Drama...

So the blog has been stale... I know! Where have I been? Well that is a long answer to which i will now ramble on about.
We were out of town last week and the doggle bears stayed with uncle louie! Uncle Louie is a kind soul always looking out for us and our bears. I asked him if he would "fix" boppie bear while she was there, since that is the responsible thing to do and he did! He said while he was in the process he found 2 cysts in her the size of golf balls! YIKES. Which explains why she never got pregnant. So that whole long trip to Lebanon where she was violated in the cold was all for nothin!
and Ralphie being the sensitive man that he is, decided to chew the skin off his paws so that he could sympathize with her pain.
So since we have been home I have been nursing my poor dogbears back to health, and cleaning up the 1,000 messes that they make daily. Bossie has apparently lost all control of her bladder, (or she is just very angry with her momma) and wets the bed about 4 times a night, so I have gotten NO SLEEP. I cant tell you how much fun it is to change and wash all those linens 4 times every 24 hours.
Add to that , that my prize, lovely, wonderful computer/best friend is sick. I finally took it to MacAuthority today after battling it out since May. I will get the verdict soon and will be oh so happy to have a fully functioning machine again, then the blog can come back to life. Computer problems really put me in a funk since so much of what i do all day revolves around that computer!
We are also all on pins and needles waiting for a call from Susannah saying that she is going into labor. I have asked her repeatedly to have a talk with that child and let her know we have a tight schedule and need to celebrate her birthday stat! , but like her momma she is stubborn and said she will get here when she pleases. So the wait continues...
Speaking of Susannah, if you know her, you know how HILARIOUS she is and so you will immediately want to start reading her blog where she does some *real talk* about parenthood and her current moods. CLICK HERE
Then we had a fabulous house guest, David Jones (brother of one of my college besties), visit Nashvegas for a couple of days while he thinks of moving he and his wifey and dogchild bernice here. I think we did a great job of convincing him that this was the right fit!
So its been a busy week! As soon as my computer is well I will post some pics of our garden progress and the herb garden I planted this week!

PS. Congrats to the new iphone adopters : Candace, Brett , Linzypants, etc. You guys just got a whole lot cooler!


Nicole said...

My doggies both lost control of their bladders after being fixed! Their vet prescribed them both medication for it. It really helps! It is called proin and it is the ONLY thing that keeps them from tinkling in bed at night.

Amy said...

OMG Laura, that is awful! I am happy that you got her fixed I must say, but even more glad that they found those things! Perhaps I will make some doggie cookies tonight with the others for a little pick me up. Poor Floss!

Gwen said...

Poor puppy. Have you called the vet to see if there is a med they can give her?

Also, I'm so glad someone shares my love for OPI and dislike for Essie. At least I'm not alone anymore. LOL!!


Susannah said...

Oh my, I am sure that is super fun! THanks for the shout out! Linzy my love has already commented! And david's dog bernice is flash's love of his life! they are twins!

grizaham said...

Poooor flossie. She is getting better though!

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