Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brentwood House Porch Project: Take 3

Julie and I have been very busy over at the Brentwood House. We cleaned some stuff out of the basement, finished the kitchen and are back working on some porch furniture. This chair below is a work in progress. It has about 5 layers of old paint that I need to remove somehow... still working on that. I scrubbed it for about 30 minutes with a steel wool brush in the 100 degree weather and then wanted to drop kick it across the yard.
Marshica Colquett... that beautiful glider in your backyard needs to be painted with rustoleum asap and if you dont do it before I come home again, I am totally stealing it and bringing it here where it will get its proper love!

This bench here will be repainted.. not sure what color yet.
This table here got a new coat of rust proof white paint.
as did this lamp, you can see the before and after since this pic was taken mid way through
and Dr. G's sunchair will get repainted and a new cushion.
Bit by bit this porch is becoming a paradise!


Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

Can't wait to see the fun results! Cushions are all on big time sale right now!

Julie said...

That porch was a paradise even before the makeover! It will just be an updated paradise now. Yeah! Especially after it is re-stained and painted which is happening right this moment!

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