Sunday, June 21, 2009

You Should Not Be Surprised by This!!

If you read any Internet news source then you know the NEW IPHONE 3Gs came out last Friday. If you read this blog EVER then you know I went and stood in line immediately. Line was not near as bad this year, length wise, I was in line about 3 hours, BUT it was very hot and the guy in front of me didn't feel like wearing deodorant that day so I was pretty uncomfortable all 3 hours. Add to that I was hungry and had to TT desperately but would not leave my place in line AND that when I finally got inside AT&T messed up our eligibility plans and only wanted to discount my phone and not Erik's even though I called them twice before going to get in line to make sure we were in fact eligible on both lines. It was a nigthmare, as any contact with AT&T generally is. I have never met a more ignorant set of people.
The other day the AT&T phone girl told me that there was no new iphone or MMS for iphone.. I tried to educate her but she was not having it , and assured me repeatedly that she was an expert on the iphone.....
Anyway... I say all that to say it was a long painful day. Self inflicted (yes) and totally worth it? (yes). We had a Fleetwood Mac concert that night and I wanted to surprise Bubs with it at the concert cause he was at work. I thought he will either be very angry or very excited, and he was........... very excited! (whew).

So then I rushed home ( i had one hour to shower and be at restaurant to meet Sarah & David) and Juliel and I both got ready, called a cab and waited on him for 45 minutes.. he stood us up. He did call though and say he was out front so we attempted to get out there, and the first time we set the alarm off, so we run and fix that. The second time, Ralphie escapes out the door, the THIRD time, Flossers escaped out the door, then when we finally got out there and the house locked, alarm on in the 103 degree weather... that joker was not even out there. Grrrrrrrr
Friday was not my day. We did eventually make it to the restaurant 1 hour late ( sorry Usserys) and we did have a great night with some totally rad phones! Phone and concert review coming soon!

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grizaham said...

Oh flossers.. Video and the compass feature on the new 3GS are sooo sweet. thanks for the surprise now lets get these old 3G's sold! ;)

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