Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why You Should Go VIP to Bonnaroo

If you never plan to go to Bonnaroo then skip this post, but I have to put it out there for people who search on Google with questions. Erik and I googled it a lot to see if it was worth the money and didn't find much info, so I thought I would put some out there!
So here are some reasons why going VIP is a must:

1. See the difference between the sections? Vip is all those green chairs spaciously spread out in a natural amphitheatre, while regular tickets are all those 75,000 peeps to the right. They provided those chairs which were awesome!

2. No LINES! We drove right in and bypassed the 8 miles of traffic backed up on the interstate! Also getting into Centeroo all weekend was a breeze as you can see below. Our Entrance:
Regular Entrance:
3.Lots of air conditioned, comfortable chairs, and SHADE in the VIP lounges.

4. Real Bathrooms & Showers. That is more awesome than you even can imagine it is. Also there are not lines for the VIP bathrooms like there are everywhere else.

Anyway those are your main reasons! There are some other ones like a Free Buffet and cocktails on Thursday night, special vendors and areas to hang out , camping right next to centeroo instead of 2 miles away etc.. but you get the point. It's basically where all the adults camp!


grizaham said...

We also had VIP tents to get under Thursday night when those pesky severe thunderstorms rolled through! And the drinks were free!!

Anonymous said...

So, how much more is the VIP tickets/pachage vs. the regular package???

Anonymous said...


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