Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Lily Show!

In East Nash, we have some of the sweetest neighbors EVER.(later this week I will discuss the other side of that coin) but this morning my sweet neighbor Jan emailed me all of these beautiful pictures of my Lillies b.c we knew they would be blooming when we were out of town and she wanted me to see them! They are super pretty!
In the fall, my mom is gonna help me seperate some of them since they have multiplied to such thick masses.

The Grouts have also been holding down club Griza checking our mail, signing for Bonnaroo Tickets, inspecting my ebay packages! We love you guys and appreciate it so much!


auhays said...

The house looks incredible!!! PROPS...

Jill said...

okay...how do you get your lillies to do that?! Someone gave me one at the end of the year and it already looks dead :( I never know what i do wrong!

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