Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of the Coolest Inventions Since the Iphone....

It's a cross between a man bag and a fanny pack and it's brilliant!

Ya'll know we travel around a lot, so I am drawn to anything that makes that easy! I have been a long time fanny pack supporter which really amuses sister in law Juliel! This new contraption replaces my fanny pack love.
I was walking around Bonnaroo and saw this Hippie wearing one and was like dang! How did he make that? I thought he must have cut the strap off a laptop bag and edited it but alas.. they are for sale and less that $30... Great for concerts, festivals, tailgates, traveling, airports etc..
Anyway check it out! It is called a "Runnur"

It has pockets on the front and back and a built in wallet & water bottle holder and a carabineer to clip your car keys on it. During Bonnaroo I had a flashlight and sunscreen clipped to mine!
And let me just say it took some SERIOUS arm twisting of Erik before he let me buy it! I don't know why but he was not tryin to feel it for about the first Three hours I asked nagged.
Another great plus is that it is streamline and keeps your valuables close to you and visible which is really nice when walking through huge crowds like 75,000 people at Bonnaroo or wandering the streets/subways of Europe! I was always paranoid about my backpack since I cant see it and cant tell the difference between someone bumping it or unzipping it!
***Also as a side note I would like to add that mine is solid black and does not have that tacky red stitching.***


grizaham said...

Glad you like it. It does seem helpful

Anne said...

Yeah these things are all over Austin! Pretty rad for shows.

Anonymous said...

I Love mine! Perfect for bike rides!
Sold in Austin @ downSTAIRS Apparel, 2110 South Lamar!
A must have!
Go get one =-)

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